Ep. 59: How a Turn Coordinator Works | Inner Workings

hey guys john from fly Mykel comets they

were looking at the inner workings of a

turn coordinator so you can see we have

an electric motor inside there spinning

that brass gimbal or that brass weight

around and that is giving us a

gyroscopic force and you can see that

although when we tilt this left and

right we get a little bit of indication

as toward our bank it's really more

about when the whole aircraft changes

its heading showing us the rate of turn

so if I turn this very slowly to the

right I see a small rate of turn but I'm

faster the right see a greater rate it's

just the tendency of that gyro inside

there to resist the turning motion and

in turn turn in towards a tilting motion

that we read on our instruments so it's

an electrically driven instrument we're

relying on electricity to spin our

electric motor there and as I like the

quarter spins it spins that brass weight

which gives us rigidity in space and

that rigidity in space is what gives

this instrument its ability to tell us

our bank or rate of turn information of

course we have the little red flag

showing there because we haven't

unplugged from the electrical source

when we plug it back in the little flag

would go away so it is totally possible

to have that little flag gone have

electricity provided to this instrument

and not have the instrument working at

all because although electricity may be

provided to make that little flag go

away the motor itself could burn up or

basically the brushes could get old and

that's exactly what happened to this one

that's why it's being pulled out of the

aircraft and replaced with a brand new

model and this one just has run for a

thousands of hours from 1991 till now

and had plenty of black dirt from the

worn-out brushes when we pull it out so

basically you can see just your normal

electric motor in there with your

brushes and then your weight on this

side and just that tendency of the

weight to spin around and very fast

creates a gyroscopic force that gives

you your bank information and of course

our ball works regardless that's simply

just a slip skin indicator that as

there's some difficult force or in this

case just normal gravity pulling the

ball one way or another it's going to

indicate so the ball does not need


or vacuum to run and this little

instrument is just as it says on top

there DC electric no pitch information

just bank information hey guys thanks so

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