The Tundra Biome Facts

welcome to moomoomath and science in

this video I'd like to talk about the

biome called the tundra the tundra is

found in North America Asia and Europe

encircles the Arctic Ocean the tundra is

cold and during the winter will have

periods of complete darkness for 24

hours temperatures can drop to minus 20

or 30 degrees Fahrenheit

in the summer temperatures may rise to

fifty to sixty degrees but the soil

remains frozen year-round this frozen

soil is called permafrost take a look at

what permafrost looks like in the summer

plants in the tundra have a short

growing season and are small short


examples include lichen moss and some

shrubs there are not trees in the tundra

there are many animals found in the


these include caribou reindeer the

arctic fox and polar bear

these animals have adaptations to help

them survive the cold it may be thick

fur or they may be white in color the

white color helps the animal blend in

and helps prevent heat loss these

animals feed on each other and on the

moss and lichen you can also find small

rodents called lemmings these lemmings

provide food for the arctic foxes so

there we go

the tundra it's a cold frozen large land

mouse found in the north thanks for

watching and moomoomath uploads a new

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