Why the Trinity is Necessary

why is the Trinity and necessary

doctrine for Christianity do not Jehovah

Witnesses Mormons and other groups love

and worship the same Jesus why does it

matter if they deny he is ontologically

God I think many people including many

Christians do not realize how essential

the Trinity is for Christianity and have

come to overlook it so why do I

adamantly defend this doctrine why is it

so important and why are groups who deny

the Trinity excluded from Orthodox


well denying the Trinity has several

problems in terms of Christian salvation

if Jesus isn't God and is just a created

being then should we pray to Him the

Bible clearly calls us to pray to Jesus

but if he isn't the omniscient eternal

God can he truly answer all our prayers

also are we to reject Paul's teaching of

worshiping the creator or not the

creative because the Bible clearly

teaches we are to worship Christ so how

could we say he is a creature of God if

we were told not to worship the created

most importantly we are attributed

salvation to a created being and not God

Himself is any creative being who is by

definition limited in power knowledge

and love really able to take the full

weight of our salvation and save us from

our sins the Bible also says salvation

only comes from the Lord but it was

Christ on the cross to atone for our

sins and gave us salvation so only God

can atone for our sins not a created

being so by deduction whoever was on the

cross has to also be God we also make

God less loving and powerful being that

he couldn't or would not willingly come

himself to save us but instead sent a

created being to do a job he says only

he can do this makes God distant and

slightly apathetic towards us since he

only sent a servant to do something that

is considered the most important and

loving act in the history of mankind so

basically the Trinity is very essential

for Christian salvation only God can

offer salvation thus Christ must also be

God as he clearly taught next if the

Holy Spirit isn't God that it is just a

created being or an impersonal force

that leads us renews our mind and

sanctifies us the Bible says it is the

Holy Spirit that guides and sank

fyz US and Jesus said only God is good

so how could it create a being or an

impersonal force that is not perfect

like God be able to sanctify and perfect

us so denying the Trinity is a dangerous

position to take and why the church has

declared those who have as heretical

Jesus and the Holy Spirit did and said

things only God could do so denying

their aunt illogically God is to make a

mockery of the gospel and Trust and

created beings for salvation