What is TPP? How Secret Trade Deals Hurt Our Families

the trans-pacific partnership or TPP and

the eu-us Free Trade Agreement are

dangerous primarily because of the fact

that they can undermine our laws that

protect us

trade treaties Trump American law these

deals basically make it more difficult

for a family for a locality for a

community to establish the rules and

laws they want to make sure that their

air is clean that the water is drinkable

that their food is safe and so it

directs us you know where its most

important when we're preparing you know

the food that we give to our loved ones

when we're preparing to take our loved

ones out into a public space to breathe

air and have a good time when you take

your kids to the park these are the most

vital issues as far as I'm concerned at

the end of the day that we work on

protecting our families and our loved

ones this will allow foreign companies

and foreign investors to sue local

American governments and state

governments that ban fracking and it

will mean that our attempts to fight

against this inherently dangerous

process will be undermined by these

trade deals unfortunately a lot of the

companies that are pursuing an hydraulic

fracturing in the US have foreign

investors or are foreign-owned under

these trade deals those investors those

companies that are foreign-owned would

be able to sue local governments

claiming that they are having their

right to exploit this natural resource

undermined by these local bands and they

would be either able to seek to overturn

those local bands or seek monetary

compensation from the localities because

they're not able to frack for natural

gas we see this has already happened

under NAFTA in Canada the locality is

being sued in Quebec for not allowing

fracking and we know that this is one of

the issues that's going to be proceeded

under both of these trade agreements