2020 Highlander Pricing - Everything you need to know!

hi everyone i'm jeff teague and volley

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resource let's continue our ongoing

series on the 2020 highlander so we can

learn everything that's important for

you so that you can decide whether it's

going to be on your list whether you're

going to buy it and then when you decide

that which grade or trim level is going

to be best for you based on the options

and the pricing speaking of pricing

that's today's topic we're going to talk

about pricing for the all-wheel drive

the front-wheel drive in the gasoline

highlander and in the hybrid and i'm

going to show you more i'm going to show

you how the pricing is changed from

twenty nineteen to twenty twenty and

then i'll show you what the increase is

going to be from front-wheel drive to

all-wheel drive and gas to hybrid first

thing we want to know though is the

grade level strategy it's very similar

it's going to be comparable comparable

to vehicles that we know already in

Toyotas fleet is their lineup you're

gonna see L le xle and limited platinum

those are the things that you would see

in a previous highlander but they've

simplified it a little bit no more le

plus that was confusing and then we've

also got a similarity to a rav4 to a

camera to a Corolla those type of things

so now it's kind of on a company-wide

the same plane so we can just visualize

se le like oh yeah I know what that

means for Highlander rav4 Camry Corolla

that type of a thing

so the gasoline version that's going to

have L le xle limited and platinum it

will have corresponding all-wheel-drive

l le xle limited platinum so there'll be

ten different trim levels or grades

front wheel drive and all-wheel drive

and then hybrid there's not going to be

a need to have the L model so it's just

going to be front-wheel drive and

all-wheel drive with the eight of them

le xle limited platinum front wheel and

AWD now in this video I'm gonna show you

virtually everything you need to know

about pricing we're gonna do it in

stages though so right now let's just

list off the prices for the front wheel

drive gasoline the L model

34600 this is the factory MSRP you'll

see it on the horizontal window sticker

it'll be in the center column at the top

that's the price if you were to buy it

from the factory let's say before you

get that delivery I think it's just a

little bit over a thousand maybe like

106 five to get from the factory to any

dealership then it goes to so that's an

addition but these are factory MSRP so l

ma 34 6 L II jumps up to 36,000 800 xle

39,000 600 limited this is where you get

a little bit of a bump here because it

has more options

43,000 650 and then the Platinum the

cream of the crop 46,000 850

let's do all-wheel-drive naturally you'd

expect there's going to be a bump up in

price from the front-wheel drive to the

all-wheel drive and traditionally with

Toyota's it's going to be anywhere

between 1500 and 2500 I think these

jumps to all-wheel drive are actually

very reasonable so the L model 36,000

200 L II 38,400 XL he's 40 1200 limited

forty five thousand six hundred and

platinum forty eight thousand eight

hundred here's the important part when

you bump up from front-wheel drive to

all-wheel drive in the L but L AM xle

you're gonna see a $1600 increase which

is actually very very reasonable and

then for the limited nd limited platinum

or the platinum it's gonna jump from

front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive

nineteen hundred and fifty dollars so

this will help you to decide whether

it's an appropriate value for your

family's budget to stay at that front

wheel drive or okay it's no problem it's

very very reasonable jump up to

all-wheel-drive AWD baby so now for the

hybrid what I've done is I've eliminated

the L model because that's not available

on the hybrid it's just on the gasoline

let's go over to this column here when

you switch from a gasoline version which

I showed you in the previous scene see

nice on the connector and then go up to

hybrid it's going to increase $1400 in

the past of Highland

hybrid when they first came out it was

$5,000 or so to go from a gasoline to a

hybrid which a lot of people had to

figure out okay now how much am I going

to drive this while I Drive city will I

Drive Highway miles and how many years

will I keep it can I justify that price

increase this one here as long as it

fits the budget Wow you're gonna be

saving 50% in gas mileage and fuel

efficiency going from a gasoline to a

hybrid and it's only $1400 more it

doesn't matter if you're the le of the

xle platinum limited whichever one it

makes it a very very delicious thought

it's very very appealing very enticing

to kind of flip on over to the hybrid of

course the gasoline does have some

benefits versus the hybrid we'll just

throw those in real quick gasoline has a

tow capacity of 5,000 pounds hybrid is

3500 pounds and then horsepower 295

horsepower on the gasoline and then 243

system horsepower on the hybrid so a

little bit of a difference there you

just have to decide we're moving this

and it's kind of a creepy angle but

anyway let's talk about more pricing

going with the front-wheel drive here

the Le is thirty eight thousand two

hundred xle forty one thousand zero zero

zero limited forty 5050 and then

platinum 48,000 to fifty the all-wheel

drive again it bumps up sixteen hundred

and nineteen fifty just like I said

before le thirty-nine thousand eight

hundred forty-two thousand six hundred

limited 47000 platinum fifty thousand

two hundred whoa that's a mouthful

it's a board fall what is the most

appealing option for you I'm going to

show you the differences between the

2019 to the 2020 and you can see these

it's a little bit of a spoiler alert so

try to follow along with me if you can

but I know you want to look at these I

want to show you the great strategy how

that changed the xle from 2019 limited

and platinum they're all going to be on

the same horizontal lateral move over

the 19 le a v6 model is now the 2020 L

the le plus 2019 model is now the LT so

did we follow that the old le v6 to the

L this is going to go up about seven

hundred and twenty dollars I believe let

me look at my notes you have seven

hundred and twenty dollars yes I have

notes and then the L II this is great

front wheel drive it only goes up forty

dollars versus the equivalent

2019 model so it's actually extremely

reasonable the xle front-wheel drive

clearly this is going to be one that

Toyota's going to show the consumers a

huge value in because look at this and

actually stayed consistent it also went

down 120 dollars MSRP versus MSRP over

last year so this is going to be the

model right here the executive luxury

edition some people call it extra luxury

edition it's going to go down and then

the limited 720 increase platinum $800

increase if you look at the equivalent

all wheel drives I'll tell you those

off-screen right now

the L model went up 860 L II only went

up $180 xle went up $20 and then the

limited twelve hundred and ten dollars

went up platinum went up twelve ninety

that's for the all-wheel drive ones here

so this yes all vehicles are expensive

we all know this prices always go up

unless you're an xle but they stay

relatively consistent considering you're

getting all new safety all new

technology smooth quiet comfortable I'm

excited to see what you guys think this

is the hybrids so we just did the

gasoline once there was no front-wheel

drive alternative for the 2019 models so

we're just going to show the all wheel

drive the le is going to go up 20 to 80

again the xle look at the great value

the benefit price-wise it only goes up

$20 overlay

that's huge actually that's not huge and

then just under a thousand for the

limited increase in just over a thousand

for the Platinum whoo so which one do

you want do you want hybrid do you want

gasoline do you want front-wheel drive

do you want all-wheel drive so many

choices but now it's a lot easier to

figure it out and you have your pricing

to make your best decision yeah thank

you guys so much for watching the video

I hope it was helpful

maybe we can learn a little bit more

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little bit deeper just like an onion

we're peeling across layers here and

then we're getting to the pricing and

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