BEST WAY to Get the ORANGE HALO in Tower of Hell! | Tower of Hell on Roblox #17

hello and welcome back to interviews

Tuesday we're hearing tower Ville once

again I'm gonna be show you guys the

best way to get this Heil I have right

now the orange halo it looks so cool I'm

so excited to show you guys for this

halo you need the tourist badge which

you need to touch all 16 secret sections

inside the game so there's plenty of

methods to do this but I'm gonna show

you guys the best one I'm also gonna

show you guys my journey of how I got

here it was pretty interesting pretty

exciting so stay tuned I'll show you

guys the best way I have to get it also

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with ton anyways let's get in this and

let me tell you guys first my journey of

how I got this halo what I did and yeah

all that stuff so a few days ago I asked

on the why exceptional discord if

there's any really good method on how

thee at the orange halo someone then

sent me a link to this discord like

server called the halo grinder so I

joined this I wasn't expecting much but

then I saw that they had this whole

group with this whole thing set up what

they did was that they had this bot that

gave you roles based on the different

sections and when people found their own

sections they were able to ping you and

you're able to join them so what I did

was I tried helping out a little bit

find a secret sections but mainly what I

did was look on there all day long

waiting for someone to send a secret

section and I joined them got it I did

this route the day found a bunch of his

secret sections I was able to probably

find all the secret sections but one in

about like two days but then there was

only one left anticipation anticipation

is the hardest one to find it because it

only spawns

on the bottom floor of a tower which

makes it super rare II I think has the

same rarity of spawning as the other

ones but since it has to spawn on the

first one it's it's super hard to find

so I probably waited a whole day of help

finding this and that for him I woke up

checking this score to see if anyone

found anything

and then someone sent me a message

saying matt factor I just found the

stage come join me so I just put on my

phone I joined them and this is what I

saw I saw this stage I was waiting for

after a whole day of searching I joined

them and I got them to the top I made it

to the end of anticipation but there was

a problem and yeah I didn't get the

badge at all so I just went back to

sleep because I was tired and I didn't

get the badge but then later that day I

anticipation again got the badge was

pretty cool I don't have any pictures of

that though unfortunately but now I'm

gonna show you guys all different secret

sections to help you figure out which

ones are which

and also I'm gonna tell you guys my

method of how to find the secret section

is I'm gonna actually give you a pretty

cool tool okay so now I'm gonna show you

guys that all the secret stages that are

inside the game and what they look like

just so I can help you find out which

ones like what what do they look like

what are names and stuff and also thank

you fireball Pro let me show these

because I didn't want to look for all

these again so for the first one we have

neon illusion it's pretty much just a

huge neon room you can tell where this

right away cuz just it's just a big neon

block in the wall you just jump up here

you walk through here it's a pretty

simple it's pretty easy to tell what it


for next secret stage we have what's

outside so this one you can you can tell

this one pretty easily because it has

just a bunch of windows surrounding the

tower with like no walls on each window

so you can see there's this big

rectangle in the middle if these

platforms and stuff it's pretty easy to

tell this stage apart from other ones

next one we have happy developer home

I'm I bet you guys have seen this at

some place so this one is I think the

only sticker stage' has a light blue

like a light blue thing on the right

hand side you can see the walls are like

blue you got these nice flowers got the

house there playing some ping pong on

the TV it's pretty cool for the next

secret stage we have dance parties so a

bunch of the secret stages just look

like this one from the bottom it's this

like rounded corner square but once you

get up here you'll see which stage it is

this one's dance party it's pretty

obvious most of the names are pretty

obvious with the level itself you get a

dance and yeah it's pretty cool I like

the secret stage it's pretty nice so

yeah this is my dance party looks like

so the next secret stage it looks

exactly the same as dance party kind of

except it has two lighters so the first

lighters nothing but once you get on top

you have a gear Giver so this one you

pretty much just stand here and it gives

you all the gears in the games this it's

trowel and then it's gonna give you one

again you can even get the coil that's

on my arm which is the infinite jump

coil so this one's ping pong so you can

control the like the I don't know what

those are called exactly but you can

just control them by pressing these

arrows I don't know it's actually kind

of hard though there we go come on we

got that and then you can go over it's

actually kind of cool I like how they

like coded this whole thing it's

perennial yet

this one looks the same as like all the

other ones that we just showed but yeah

once you go up here this is what ping

pong is like the next one we have is

tic-tac-toe so you'll be able to tell us

once you get up here there's just a

little bit of a tic-tac-toe thing you

can click on them but you need someone

else to put the X's down because you

can't put them down until someone else

blows to the X down it's it's kind of

confusing but yeah this is what

tic-tac-toe looks like probably the most

simple one actually so the next one we

have is green mystery lines of green and

red are very like but the only way you

can tell them apart are the colors so on

the right side you can also see these

are not colored they just are colored

inside the game so this one's green

mistery lines so it's just green it goes

in a straight path over there to that

side and it spawns actually kind of

randomly I don't think it's the same

every time so you gotta be kind of

careful you walk along here and you make

it to the end and then here we go now we

have red mystery lines this one's kind

the same except it goes at a 90-degree

angle over here these are pretty simple

stages but you can tell just by looking

up you'll be able to recognize them next

one we have is outdoor so you can tell

this is outdoors just from the start of

the level you can tell these increasing

neon links on these blocks you can tell

us outdoors also right here turns out

there's a little bit of a door I don't

know if you're able to dance through or

like II danced to like or no like laughs

clip fruit so outdoors is pretty easy to

tell what it is but next up we got mini

Tower this is the one that spawns right

before the end of T toh it's just a mini

tower of what the tower actually looks

like inside here there's not really

anything about the stages except the

colors it's still pretty though it's a

mini Tower it's pretty cool it's hard to

tell though because it just has the

rounded corner square like all the other

ones but once you get up here you'll be

able to tell next up this stage is

anticipation so this one actually only

spawns on the first floor but since

fireball can just kind of spawn them in

a day and we spawn at the bottom for C

this is just a big big staircase that

spawns on the last floor on T toh you

just walk up here it's a pretty long

staircase which you can see it ends all

the way up there you gotta walk across

this go along here it's a pretty long

pathway but yeah this will be really

easy to tell cuz it's on it's always

spawns on the first floor and it's just

a big staircase like there's no way you

can miss it but make sure

you make it to the top before the time

runs out or else it doesn't count

unfortunately so that makes it a little

bit harder to complete this stage for

your tours batch so fireball just said

that the chance of all this spawning

here just in the row on a single tower

is a 1 in 1.2 billion chance that is

absolutely insane there's no way any of

you guys wouldn't ever find that that is

crazy the next stage we have here is a

minute so you'll be able to tell it

looks very similar to anticipation but

it's it's slightly different callewaert

and you'll also be able to tell a

difference because these are conveyors

you go on the conveyors and they shoot

you up super fast you run across this

like crazy one thing that actually helps

a little bit is buying the speed well

where's the speed coil here's the speed

coil right down here you you can buy the

speed coil and with your max levels

which is right here you can just hold it

and go super fast across this it's named

minute because it only takes a minute to

go and complete the stage I don't think

without walking or anything it's kind of

cool but just a big conveyor stage you

go a long way up as you could tell from

the right-hand side this is actually

probably one of the coolest secret

stages in my opinion like look at this

it's just the big conveyor staircase

that's so cool

and we made it up to the top there we go

okay you could tell that is a long way

up now let's get on to the next Seeger

stage and jumping down this is probably

even cool yeah that's that's such a big

staircase so next one we have these

cyclotron so this one is pretty much

pretty obvious cuz it's a brown stage I

forgot happy developer home isn't the

only colored stage to the cyclotron it

spins tall tower but fireball I think

messed up something there's literally no

tower this is it this is the old tower

kind of funny boy so yeah it spins old

tower like this it just spins around so

the whole tower above it spins it's

pretty cool just the big gear in the

middle it should be pretty obvious to

spot and this should be probably one of

your easiest ones to get also we can

jump off the tower in the final one we

have is the vaults this one's probably

the most obvious because it has the

biggest square rounded square thing and

you go up here here's the vault once you

open it you get one of these infinite

jump quality quickly but I can't see the

code because yeah I just can't allow too

and once you get the inside vault code

correct you get it to open and inside

you have the infinite jump coil look at

this you also get this item on your arm

I can't show you to count unfortunately

because yeah that I would get like

completely banned from the game but you

get this if they jump coil look at this

you can just fly all the way up to the

top it's like a freebie for the level

it's really neat and you just get this

if they jump you get this cool in your

arm that's pretty rare I pretty sure I

don't know I don't know the full numbers

I might ask

I don't know sorry about that but yeah

this is really cool like this you get

didn't jump coal and an item that goes

in your arm double cool that's really

cool guys this is the shortest tower you

will ever see in Tower Valley this so

now the last one I gotta show you guys

is blink so if you guys can't see it yet

there it is right there in between this

stage which is called power line I

didn't even know what the name was

oops I'm so bad so here it is blank so

it's sponsor I in between two stages

it's really hard to see on the right

hand side but you kind of can see it but

right here once you make to the end it's

it just spawns right in between two

stages it's really cool but if you guys

don't want to find it in an actual

server like this what you would want to

do is go into a private server type

slash and move into the chat and slash

skip and you will just have you just

have blank right there and that's how

you can find it without using a public

server but when you find in a public

server this is exactly Oh looks like

it's gonna be super hard to find so good

luck but if you want to find a legit go

ahead I would just suggest using private

servers so now I'm gonna show you guys

the best way to get the halo inside of

the game so the first link in the

description and probably the pin comment

is going to have a link to this discord

server orange halo server so how this is

gonna work is you can go over to the

secret sections role giver channel and

in here you can go react to all these

messages and in here you want to look at

which reactions give you which role so

for example I would want

how about anticipation I have

anticipation left I've read mr. line and

I also have a dance party so if you go

over here it shows that I

the rolls so you want to react the ones

that you don't have you and you need so

once you react to the specific secret

sections you need you can head over to

secret sections and when you find the

certain secret section you want for

example I said hey I found minute okay

well ping a minute and say come join and

I'm also gonna put my profile link make

sure your joins are on to everyone and

when I press enter I'm gonna post this

with my profile people can join me in

five minute and get minute and have that

checked off and once you get that one

then you can go right back over here if

you have a minute right here you can

just unhighlight it and then boom there

you go

you just got one receiver section so

just do that for out and then you can

also help over people try find secret

sections by looking for them this is

gonna be a much faster way for you

finding secret sessions because you're

gonna collaborate with all my viewers to

trying to find the secret sections it's

gonna make it a whole ton easier I

suggest you come join and try to see it

for yourself maybe this will help you

get faster maybe it won't just let me

know how it goes but yeah if you want

some help finding this orange tail it

looks really cool comes on my disk or

server hopefully you can help people out

and people can help out you but anyways

guys if you guys want more videos like

this where I give some tutorials on how

to get some halos maybe some other stuff

let me know anyways guys hopefully you

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