What’s the White Tower at the Tower of London and why was it built?

locked up in the Tower of London I love

history especially when I have a chance

to look around dark damp old dungeons

and check out through some stuff like

torture chambers and well you get the

idea so here I am at the Tower of London

my uncle's a Beefeater one of the

special yeoman warders he's always

telling me about the famous prisoners at

the tower so I've come on a tour to

check the place out for myself the White

Tower is the part of the Tower of London

that you probably recognise the most

it's like a castle with its four corners

topped with shiny domes I've always

wondered what it'd be like to see the

tower and it was brand new must have

been pretty awesome showing the peasant

who's in charge there are loads of

weapons and armor here so it's a really

cool place

I meant to be following the tour but I

can't help saying a little bit longer

I love imagining all the jewels and

battles come on that shouldn't be here

there's a massive bottle of road

blocking the door I can't open it I'll

just shove out the way and then get back

to the tour whoa what happened now

things are looking very different the

white how it looks quite new although

not that white which means I must be

back in the 1200 sorry 1100 and it looks

like a prisoner's on his way better be

quiet the purpose true state of affairs

and I one of the late Kings most trusted

advisors to be treated like this I

demand special treatment fitting to my

station you won't be mistreated here

bishops Lombard right that's run off

Lambert he was the very first prisoner

at the tower my uncle said he was called

flam Bart because he was well flamboyan

that means kind of a big personality

he's certainly making himself hurt do

you know the work I did on the census of

assets where the most important document

of our time yeah the one they're calling

the Doomsday Book that's right up your

alley make a nice big list so you can

fleece every last one of them and

develop I helped the King create for the

good of all making money for the King as

maybe off the back of honest folk don't

think I don't know what you did with

those soldiers gather them up to go and

fight and then took their wages and send

them home the money was used for the

good of the people I've done nothing but

make things better take their building

we are standing in this great tower and

Durham Cathedral Westminster all all

thanks to me paid for with money raised

by me but where did the money come from

a extortion some say it said you can be

very persuasive if you don't get things

your own way

right in you go tetanus prom well the

new king may consider my contribution to

their hand to be insignificant ha but he

will rue the day he underestimated me

now to let a letter to my most trusted

acquaintances Hey what's he up to barrel

of wine for you how wonderful

how kind you'll have a cup won't you I

don't mind if I do

the very finest wine in Normandy as this

although tastes a bit um ropey if you

ask me at Healey

fancy that

they're drinking a lot of wine and some

of the guards are falling asleep now

what's he doing he's listening he's

reaching in and pulling out a rope a

really long rope something tells me that

flan bard isn't planning to hang about

he's using the rope to climb down the

walls of the White Tower

even if New King doesn't like him

it seems that flying by must have more

than a few friends I'm back

that rope has disappeared I better find

the tall group before they realize I've

gone so Ronald wasn't only the first

prisoner he was the first prisoner to

escape - they say he made up with a king

in the end and lived to a ripe old age

do you think he deserved to be locked up

although he was a favor of the old king

the new king wanted him gone it seems

that right and wrong change depending on

who was in charge anyway I better go

catch you later locked up in the Tower

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