Top of Head Straight/Flat Roots Need More Volume/How to fix!!

okay so I'm going to see how fast I can

do this let's pretend I just got out of

the shower and I know that this whole

top section of my head is pretty

straight or much straighter than the

rest of my hair maybe I didn't style

this as much and it's more wavy and

everything so I'm going to comb this

middle section all the way forward and

then it's wet obviously right now and

then I'm going to start at the back kind

of like by this crown area and I'm going

to keep it coming in this forward

direction I'm going to use some kind of

a comb or a Denman brush or my fingers

or whatever I need to make sure that's

really smooth okay and then I'm going to

do what I call ribboning so I take a

section of hair a little piece and

actually go around my thumb and just

hurry and go like this until it's nice

and smooth kind of take that off and

then lay that back down and you have a

perfect ringlets right there and look at

all the lift you get right here on your

crown so this is amazing right here it's

not going to be flat let me tell you you

can make these as big or as small as you

want start by pulling forward wrap it

towards your face go around real quick

and smooth the ends down pull it off and

give a little twist there so that you

can get that curl to way down there you


this is going to give you very defined

curls this is going to give you lots of

volume and this is going to help with

those pesky curls that just like to be

straighter than everything else all

right those really got big okay so then

you just keep going when you get farther

forward you're going to want to actually

divide to the side and same thing but

make sure that you're still going

forward and this doesn't take too long I

got another hair mixed in there you can

already have your conditioner on here

you can already have your gel on here or

whatever you want okay I don't have a

lot of product in my hair right now you

can make these small or big I'm just

gonna make these big and then when

they're completely dry you can pull them


so then you're not having to sit here

and twirl as many you just do a few big