Jennifer Aniston Confesses to Watching 'Friends' Reruns -- and Never Liking the Theme Song!

it's been more than a 12 years since

Friends aired its final episode of

course you can still see episodes on TV

every day yeah you do so the question is

do the cast members ever tune in here's

what Jennifer Aniston told the BBC's the

One Show Monday night

you sometimes capture like the surgeon

side yeah look look you I can't help it

first of all I'm trying to remember what

the show which episode it is and then

half the time I'm saying to myself I

don't remember that and then you know

it's just you get sucked into the

nostalgia of it when you hear that music

well what goes through you is it is it

funny is it like all gosh oh what's it

gonna be what is it nervous is it what

no we're all never a big Fitness really

a big fan of that theme song

well we can't speak for the rest of the

cast when it comes to hating the theme

song but we can tell you Jen's not alone

and not remembering all the friends

plots Courtney Cox had trouble recalling

some pretty major moments with et

earlier this year already Mike yep she

married Mike okay who played like Paul

Rudd that's Mike oh my god of course

sorry you got married damn

yeah Missouri weddings everything I did

was I there remember we were there it

was in the snow I honestly don't

remember you guys got married outside of

Central Perk in the snow

I know sure that okay well