Fix iPhone or iPad showing wrong Date and Time: iOS 14, iOS 13

what your iOS device displaying the

wrong date or wrong time don't worry in

this video guide will show you how to

fix it easily daughter watching how to

resolve come on your device the proper

date and clock set on an iPhone iPad or

iPod is important for that you must have

it set correctly and have it turn on to

automatically adjust date and time you

should ensure that your Apple iOS device

is connected to the Internet in some

form whether it's Wi-Fi or a cellular

data connection this is necessary to

keep the iOS device consistently updated

to the most accurate date solution one

make sure set automatically time and

date turn on step 1 open the Settings

app from your device home screen step 2

find and tap on general step 3

scroll down the screen to find and tap

on date and time tab you can see on

screen set automatically setting step 4

now turn toggle green or on next to the

set automatic align that set in case of

your device setting already turn and

then follow the next solution settings

time zone own step 1 open the Settings

app from your device home screen step 2

scroll down to find and tap on privacy

step 3 hit on location services


step four turn toggle one of location

services step 5

scroll down the screen to find and tap

on system services step 6

find setting time zone tab and make sure

it's toggle turn on if not then kindly

turn switch on cream your device to

sarong date and time off and then the

main reason should be the battery on the

iOS devices being run down then gadget

is left off for an extended amount of

time at least your iOS device has been

low battery completely and the internal

board power battery is fully out of

charge it often displays the wrong date

and time until it is powered back on and

again connected to the internet time

zone again get more solution in the

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