How To Fix iPhone and iPad Date and Time Issue

how to fix incorrect time on iPhone and

iPad now why does incorrect time happens

if you are traveling and you go to

another time zone sometimes your auto

date on your date and time may not work

on particularly on your iPhone if your

service provider or courier does not

support updating date and time although

your automatic update is on that will

not work so let me show you how to fix

your date and time so what you want is

go to settings and then on settings go

to general and on general scroll all the

way down to date and time on your date

and time we want to turn off set

automatically and after that you can now

go to time zone and then pick the time

zone that you want let's say in my case

once I go home after my work on a cruise


I go to home to Manila Philippines and

then if you are still not happy with the

date and time you could always stop it

and then adjust the date and time after

that and that will fix your dated time

on your iPhone and iPad so I hope you

learned something on this video thank

you for watching bye