How To Correct The Time On Fitbit Devices When It Goes Wrong

hi this is Mike from my sandbox and news

now - and today I'm going to show you

how to correct the time on your Fitbit

device okay so if you've got a Fitbit

device every now and then you'll find it

the the time you sometimes gives me at

bonkers but haywire and you end up

either gaining a couple of hours or

losing a few hours or whatever a case

may be which can be really annoying and

can be very difficult to reset through

synchronizing so finally a little bit of

a trick to get it to force it to

synchronize back to your correct timing

so let's go over to the Fitbit app I'll

show you how you do it

so first of all go into your Fitbit app

and make sure you're logged into your

account that your Fitbit device which is

in question is attached to and what you

need to do is go into on the Fitbit

dashboard go into your account from your

account scroll down until you get to

advanced settings now in advanced

settings you've got the options for

automatic time zone select time zone and

automatic location at least automatic

location I'm not sure is on all devices

mine's got GPS so I've got that as an

added extra just in case it does go a

bit bonkers timewise but what you need

to do is turn off automatic time zone by

just tapping the icon and it will turn

off or unhighlight you then you need to

go into select time zone so mine's

currently set as GMT London because mine

is actually correct at the moment but if

yours is on your correct location what

you need to do is change it to somewhere

else which is out of your time zones so

for instance from a young ago Stockholm

which is an hour and in front of me and

then go back in select times in again

and then I'm going to go back in online

or select Greenwich Mean Time or London

time if I can find it

so GMT London and then go back to the

menu and then scroll down or do whatever

you need to do to get your device to do

a synchronization or you can just click

on synchronize whichever is the option

on your particular dice so when you do

this after synchronization you should

find that the time has gone back to how

it should be on your device and

hopefully this is where a few if not let

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next video bit better for you a bit Mike

this is Mike's unboxing reviews in how

to and this has been how to sort out the

time on your Fitbit device thanks for