Comparing the Signature Endangered Red Wolf and the Signature Timber Wolf

hey guys you suck for three and I'm here

today to compare these two signature

webkinz now nice

just go ahead and jump buy into the

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princess here she just she just wants to

be in the spotlight don't you yes you do

anyways let's jump right on into this if

princess flow that mean you're being too

cute right now you really are first off

this is the things your endangered red

wolf and this is the sanction wolf you

guys probably know totally is a lot more

warned because I play with them a lot

this ain't your date red wolf has yellow

eyes relative rules has brown their

markings are very similar and well kind

of this one it has red going around its

muzzle that goes down and makes fluffy

cheeks and such this one just has a pan

muzzle with the gray here ant loops

around his eyes and goes into tan fluffy

cheeks while this one

um just has this beige peach whatever

you really want to call it pan

I don't know around its eyes and this

one also has a bit of coloring right

here on to nose the same search every

wolf does too but like I said Toby's

really really worn and that you can't

see it on him but the timber wolf

actually does as well and the same true

nature bad wolf has some coloring that

goes down its sides right here and a bit

of coloring on size timber wolf I

believe also has nothing to color your

nose eyes now you can barely see it but

like I said Toby's really warrants he's

kind of that example I use my only

timber wolf so always I'm synchronise

red wolf also has a reddish brown

wow this thing's your Tim Wolfe has

actually got a chocolate brown and

weighs going to the inside ear so they

both have like tannish beige in their

ears eyes the same teenager dread wolf

has a little tiniest little bit of

coloring in it and it bit of coloring

around it I can't remember the signature

to move has the same

it's a wolf's actually a same has color

in her eyes ears to seems in danger red

wolf also spit of calling around snows

timber wolf normally does two and they

both have black red mouths with a bit of

coloring around it and sing strange red

wolf markings go down to its belly like

so the beige well this one it is just

got entire beige belly underside the

poopy beige or can't whatever you wanna

call it anyways turning them around is a

mr. Tim Wolfe is but you can definitely

tell it's smaller but um it's got grey

that goes down its back there's tail

plus one has the red fur which is black

tips you can see that goes down to its

tail and the outside of its tail is

beige and this one's tan and the same

sure native red wolf actually has

different fur that covers the outside of

the legs as you can see and its paws are

made up of like a bright tan mixed with

tin horn color and weird anyways

the sinks your endangered red Wolf's

w.zahn its front right paw my right its

left well seems your terrible W is on

its front right paw am i right its left

and a sink sure endangered red wolf just

has the normal signature fish tag soon

returned wolf does too I believe is

Toby's he doesn't have one because I

played with them so much things are Tim

Wolfe it's super super floppy as you can

see can well that you can do all kinds

of stuff with its floppy and it's like

that even before you go ahead and really

use them well signature endangered red

wolf it's like a brick like one of these

thing you think brick overall can I

recommend these webkinz this is really

hard right now I love both these webkinz

I think they're great pets but they're

but at the price is that they're at I

could not say it's worth it the

signature timber wolf is not worth three

hundred dollars with the code is it

worth forty or fifty definitely I love

these webkinz if I had to pick a

favorite I would definitely say this

timber wolf just pick up a lot more

floppy anyways thanks for watching I'll

see you guys in the next one later