Fishing the Tide Change

the Hawks case

saltwater game presented by yellowfin

only in a yellowfin in the Florida Keys

we have a lot of different fishing

situations where tide prediction is the

most important part of the day fishing

the spot right at the tide change can

mean the difference between catching

fish and none often when we're fishing

back in the Everglades National Park we

fish massive tide swings up the six-foot

swings one way or the other

these massive six-foot tides can be

great time to fish if you know when to

fish them one of the most important

tools that we have at our disposal are

the predictions right on our GPS unit

the units can now predict not only tide

height and times but also current speeds

and when the current is going to change

having accurate means of predicting

these tides it's crucial to my success

no matter where I'm at whether I'm at

the dock running across the bay or out

of a fishing spot I want to know exactly

what that tide is doing exactly when

that current is going to stop going out

if you pay attention to the current

predictions you can tell how long slack

tide will be as well as how long it will

take for the tide to go from slack all

the way to full during the peak of the

tide flow the waters flowing almost too

fast to fish knowing when that current

is going to stop moving out and start

moving it is what it's all about if I

get there at the right time I'm going to

catch fish after fish for that one-hour


various job as soon as that type against

a moon that's one of the best times for

game fish to be able to ambush shrimp

crabs or small fish knew they had to be

in there I knew it these snook love that

tie change because they'll hang up under

those mangroves and when that currents

flowing really hard they're going to be

so far back in hiding out of that

current then Thomas impossible to get a

bite out of but once that current starts

slowing down they start moving out away

from the mangroves a little bit and

start looking for somebody there yes oh

yeah there you go when it comes to the

tide change timing is everything

know your tide know the time to be there

make it happen and you'll catch a lot of

fish in a short period of time I'll tell

you every time I'm getting in that right

spot man they're bitin