Easy fix to blinking Theft light

we are going to go over an issue with

the ignition a 2000 Ford Mustang the

issue is related to the anti-theft

system other otherwise known as the Pat

Forde Pat's P ATS system for detecting

when a vehicle is being stolen the way

it works is a transponder chip in the

key will sync up with the cars

programmed information to compare it and

authenticate it and if which in turn

will enable or disable the the firing of

the engine to start it so what we're

going to go over is a pretty easy fix

for this particular Mustang it may or

may not be the issue that you're having

but it's worth a try because it's it's

pretty cheap and it's very good to have

otherwise in the case of this Mustang

would leave you stranded at a moment's

notice does it matter where you're at so

anyways we'll get started we're going to

look at the steering column to see what

I was telling you about I've already

removed the steering column panels here

and here that will give me access to the

key assembly

which is where we will need to work so

if you look here and those were just

removed by a couple of screws on the top

it's pretty easy to remove so what we're

going to look at is this piece here

which I have one here disconnected or

connected up this piece here is a new

this is called a transceiver it's a part

that is mounted right below the lock

cylinder of the key key goes in and what

happens is transponder which is the chip

inside the key will be read from the

transceiver it's mounted here and the

information that's read off of the key

will be transmitted down to the computer

module which does the authentication

with the car to confirm that the key is

the legitimate key for this vehicle so

what I have here is 2 transceivers this

one and the one that's mounted here

that's around the lock cylinder the one

that is connected to the vehicle which

is connected through this plug

underneath the steering column here this

transceiver is the defective one this

one was was the original one that was

now defective to where the key that's

the transponder with the key would only

be read every now and then or rather it

wouldn't be consistent

with producing the information that the

computer needs so it would work

sometimes it wouldn't work than other


so the I wanted to show what happens

when it doesn't work so this with this

bad one that's plugged up we're gonna

see the the car not start with it and

turn that off car with the defective


installed and we'll see that the staff

light on the dash is blinking pretty

rapidly which means that the car will

not start so the car will not start

because again the key transponder is not

being picked up by the transceiver and

so the signal to authenticate the car or

the key with the car is not being sent

to the computer module okay

so what we're going to do is disconnect

the defective one and we're going to

connect up the one that's mounted the

fact that I've already installed under

the dash

and it's just now that it's pretty easy

there's just one screw holding the

transceiver onto the lock cylinder with

the mount underneath the lock cylinder

one screw that goes in this hole that

mounts it the ring that has mounted

around the lock cylinder so that it can

project the signal out and pick up the

transplant list transponder signal so

this one is a non good one I purchased

it for about $30 on the eBay came off of

a Mustang over the same year model and

we're going to see thank you

we're going to see that the theft light

does not blink that flight doesn't blink

which means the key has been


and the Mustang we'll start on this fun



this may save save you some trouble

it's it took me several months to figure

out what the problem was with this

Mustang I've went through getting a

replacement key this is a replacement

key that cost me several hundred dollars

just to find out that it wasn't the


this transceiver was only $30 used and

it completely solved the problem you'll

get a lot of advice on getting the key

replaced versus just have the do a trick

where you reset the computer because

it's in there thought that mode you'll

get different things that different

solutions that people offer on YouTube

and other places this one might be the

one you need and might not but it's

worth a try again if you have

intermittent starting or rather the

engine won't start intermittently and

you get the theft light blinking it's

worth a shot to just take those -

components off pick you up one of these

the junkyard or order it off eBay and

pop it on there you can literally just

plug it in and hold the transceiver like

it showed hold the transceiver through

the key and try to crank it to see that

it picks up the signal and if your

anti-theft light stops blinking then

that should be your problem so anyway I

hope this helps I'll see what I can do

about getting more videos I know it's

been a few years since I had the last

video but I wanted to put this out there

because stuff again it saves

save me a lot of headache once I figured

it out and hopefully it'll save you some

time and effort as well thank you