How GOOD was Sharpedo ACTUALLY? - History of Sharpedo in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 3-7)

next up we have Sharpedo

Sharpedo went from a starring role in

the film jaws to the third generation of

Pokemon and Beyond where it was

terrifying for a number of reasons it

could swim at 75 miles per hour or a

hundred and 20 kilometers per hour its

fangs could slice through iron and it

could charge through an oil tanker ship

by itself you don't get a nickname like

the bully of the sea without thoroughly

earning it its ability to make people

afraid to go swimming aside today we're

going to examine if Sharpedo and its

serrated fangs or as monstrous and the

competitive scene as it was in the world

of Pokemon and so we ask how good was

Sharpedo actually and in this video

we'll be going over these competitive

formats starting off in Gen 3

Sharpedo wasn't able to swim with the

bigger fish in its debut generation of

öyou the metagame demanded its water

types have some sort of defensive use

and even the most fragile of the bunch

starmie was useful defensively thanks to

its blinding speed letting it

offensively check nearly the entire meta

game while also having the ability to

take at least almost any one hit even a

weaker super effective move like a stray

hidden power grass or a choice band

earthquake from Salamence and Metagross

now if star me constitutes as frail then

Sharpedo was straight-up made of paper

its defenses are absolutely abysmal to

give you an idea swap words uninvested

earthquake had a very good chance to put

Sharpedo into range to be Kayode by

sandstorm what's more Sharpedo wasn't

exactly a glass cannon because it was

made out of glass but it was missing the

cannon part it didn't have any stab for

it's 120 base attack thanks to the type

base physical special split gen 3 head

and it's 95 special attack wasn't

anything special being weaker than the

Afra mentioned starving so star pita

wasn't just outclassed

it was all-around bad however in new you

it was a different story

Sharpedo was a terror it was still

fragile but it hit the meta games common

Pokemon quite hard hard enough to where

the daunting task of getting it on the

field safely was worth the effort plus

there it wasn't all that difficult to

get in safely since it had a useful

psychic immunity letting it come

safely against the popular lunatone and

threatened much of the opposing team

with terrific coverage in its stab

combination alongside ice beam these

three moves made it very difficult to

switch into Sharpedo safely well but why

only three moves couldn't it use a

fourth attack well it could but then

it'd be passing up on its unique

invaluable defensive use yes that's

right Sharpedo frailest of the frail had

an incredibly useful defensive role

thanks to its ability rough skin an

ability that no other Pokemon in Gen 3

had besides its pre evolution carvanha

torpedo was able to get ship damage on

an opponent making contact with it now

on its own that doesn't sound too

impressive getting 6% on the opponent in

exchange for tanking an attack that was

not guaranteed to KO Sharpedo in return

hardly seemed worth it however keep in

mind that celac berry reversal users

such as site Durand Hitmonlee or

incredibly common and dangerous capable

of destroying entire teams with their

unmatched speed and power posing immense

threats to the offensive teams

Sharpedo fit on in particular reversal

was a contact move and with those

Pokemon at 1 HP rough skin would take

them out ok so you might say being able

to sacrifice Sharpedo in exchange for

taking out an opponent's super dangerous

sweeper is pretty good defensive utility

for such a frail Pokemon and to that we

say it didn't end there sharpedo's

fourth move was indoor this allowed it

to survive reversal and take the

opposing pokemon out furthermore and

during any sort of hit would activate

sharpedo's own select berry making it

more of a threat in its own right as it

now out sped the entire offensive meta

game limiting the opponent's options to

deal with it as they could no longer

rely on just being faster this made

Sharpedo an immense endgame threat

against weakened teams as for the

reversal users you may think well

couldn't they just predict the endure

the answer is yes but then they would

never be able to KO Sharpedo without

Kaling themselves and that was often

good enough and door also had other

excellent applications it worked even at

1 HP meaning Sharpedo could for example

safely scout the intended move of a

choice ban user like Kangaskhan

hitmonlee or cite their overall gentry

you use Sharpedo was an excellent

one-of-a-kind Pokemon with an incredibly

cool strategy oh you was once more far

beyond Sharpedo spins but it found

itself with a nice niche in new you once

more it

loved its tabs now coming off it's

significantly higher physical attacks at

thanks to the new physical special split

now it did have stiff competition as

Feraligatr was generally a lot more

appealing because it threatened to sweep

with dragon dance and source dance

however Sharpedo did have some notable

advantages over the gator

it's stab crunch was terrific for

thrashing the common UC and miss Barrett

this made Sharpedo a terrific lead

especially because it had time to stop

the Pixies stealth rock or thunder wave

as well as preventing omastar qwilfish

and cloister from setting hazards up it

also threatened out motorists leads and

beats ash Alakazam thanks to Aqua Jet it

wasn't just good at matching up well

against the common leads it could spread

damage on the opposing team easily as

top preventive Milotic from healing off

its crunches this was helped by its base

95 speed being excellent by uu standards

getting the jump on many common

offensive pokemon already considered

decently fast such as mulches kangaskhan

and Rotom sarpy doe could also use its

solid attack and speed as a mid-game

attacker capable of compromising the

opposing team's defensive integrity by

adding a life orb it became even more

powerful and thus difficult to deal with

increased coverage and earthquake and

ice Bank allowed it to handle a greater

variety of important pokemon such as

registeel Toxicroak Torterra and Altaria

it could even run Zen headbutt to really

smash venusaur and smack hitmontop as

well it also had the ability to

immediately hit Slowbro far harder than

Feraligatr thanks to the stab it had on

crunch as well as the fact that it

didn't have to pick and choose his

coverage options like Feraligatr did

Sharpedo would never sweep though as its

frailty held it back too much against

the plethora of priority running around

and knew you as even a zoom arose

resistant Aquajet was too much for it to

handle plus its speed while good left it

vulnerable to revenge killing from other

common pokemon like site there and miss


to say nothing of choice carvers however

despite its flaws and its tough


Sharpedo holds a unique niche in the

meta game it's a solid choice for the

enterprising player and his emblematic

of Gen 4 you use capacity for making

almost anything viable generation 5s

dreamworld Blessed Sharpedo with an

incredible ability speed boost no longer

would it have to put up with easily

being revenge killed after one turn it

would out speed anything without a

choice Karp and after two turns it would

out speed every choice

skaar fur it survived for those turns by

circumventing its frailty via a

combination of threatening slower

Pokemon week to its attacks and protect

for the first time Sharpedo was not only

not terrible in o you but it had a real

niche to boot permanent reign gave it a

much appreciated power boost and it hit

a large majority of the metagame super

effectively given all the ground

psychics and heat render were running

around as long as Ferrothorn was

weakened which isn't too difficult to

achieve given how many other attackers

it was tasked with taking such as laddie

elses draco meteor

Sharpedo bold weakened teams over now of

course it wasn't easy to just slap it on

a team as it was still flawed it of

course could just about never switch in

safely and was thus mostly used as an

all-in sweep or bust Pokemon who wasn't

a stranger to failure given how Sharpedo

sometimes came up just short of a KO or

was revenge killed by a priority move

like scissors bullet punch or dragon ice

extreme speed nevertheless a true niche

it did have seeing Sharpedo and team

preview was cause for fear having to

prepare so that it didn't run ones teams

over in the endgame as it so

effortlessly did against so many rain

teams but unfortunately this niche

dropped out of existence once black and

white 2 came around as Keldeo was the

most perfect offensive Sharpedo check

one could ask for and technician mach

punch Breloom didn't much help matters


however Sharpedo at least finally had

legitimate oh you use under its belt as

for you you it was excellent

arguably the most dangerous cleaner in

the tier absolutely wiping the floor

with offense with the slightest chip

damage that could be easily achieved

with spike support entire teams were put

in Sharpedo range it elected to use a

special set despite the luring attacks

that because that way it achieved one

hit chaos on the highest amount of

Pokemon incredibly crucial targets such

as needle Queen glider Slowbro dragon

and Zapdos with stealth rock this was

imperative given sharpedo's literal

do-or-die nature while Sharpedo was

fairly useless against all teams that

wasn't what his role wasn't meant to be

it was meant to use its speed to blitz

past fast offensive Pokemon even cleanup

choice carvers like heracross and

dominate them even offensive teams is

naturally bulkiest Pokemon like Dragon

Shaymin and cough aggregates dipped into

Sharpedo range with a single stealth

rock hit oftentimes Sharpedo suite

wasn't stopped by an opposing pokemon

but instead

own hydro Club accuracy overall Sharpedo

was one note but that one note was the

sweetest sound in the world for anyone

facing an offensive team

Sharpedo was passed over for the

entirety of ex-wife but come o ass it

was gifted and excellent mega evolution

in addition to every one of its non-hp

stats being buffed including its attacks

shooting up to a staggering 140 it

gained the strong jaw ability whose 50%

boost to blighting attacks made ice bang

more fearsome and turn crunch into a

devastating weapon plus it still had

speed boost before mega evolving

allowing it to become both faster and

stronger before going in for the sweep

however it wasn't all or nothing as if

it was forced to swish out and lose the

+1 speed it would still come back with

an improved

great base 105 stat allowing it to still

outrun a large amount of important

pokemon as a bonus even its defenses

were given a boost so it could actually

take an occasional earthquake making it

even less hit or miss now it never got

any serious use in o you but it was

excellent once more in you you against

offensive teams it could hang back until

the opposition had been weakened so it

could safely go for the clean up

blazing by speedsters like mega

Aerodactyl and scarf hi dragon it's

powerful ice Fang chomping its way

through the ever common hi dragon

looking to resist its stats also it

didn't even automatically fold to

priority it could always survive in

furnace life or vacuum wave even after

stealth rock against defense

Sharpedo speed wasn't of nearly as much

importance so it can mega evolve and act

as a wall breaker with it's dangerous

crunches this flexibility in the kind of

offense it could deliver may Sharpedo

well worth its status as a defensive

liability also Sharpedo wasn't beholdin

to going mega it could run a life were

upset with destiny bond to turn his low

defenses into a guaranteed ko on the

opponent but Sharpedo was the bread and

butter that carve out its place in the

UU meta game as one of the most

dangerous offensive threats mega

Sharpedo still failed to leave a mark on

oh you given the absolute plethora of

fairies and grasses as well as the fact

that there was another offensive watered

archetype the amazing ash greninja

however Sharpedo returned to you you

with a vengeance it's crunch feasted on

the incredibly common latias it shrugged

off Sizzlers bullet punches and thanks

to generation 7 mechanics it couldn't

even be paralyzed by cleft keys

pranksters underway once again it was


difficult to switch into threatening a

vast majority of the metagame

matter of fact this time around that

majority was even more vast

thanks to Sharpedo improving its

coverage with the new psychic thanks

which was boosted by strong jaw and thus

absolutely shattered amoonguss and


it effortlessly mold drew offensive

staples such as Nijo legal Taraki on

star me and mega air dokdo and with

spiked support was none too easy to walk

with bulkier pokémon like Swampert

either since pokemon like Swampert and

mega Altaria tendons who just barely

hang on against mega sharpedo's insanely

strong attacks meaning even a little

chip damage could easily push them into

sharpedo's KO threshold Sharpedo fit

perfectly on popular spikes offense

teams to the fast paced these teams

operated at mint sharpedo's inability to

switch in safely mattered very little

and the immense pressure it exerted made

it not impossible to the fog or rapid

spin on allowing it to make full use of

the hazards and break down the

opponent's team for a teammate to more

easily clean up alternatively it could

clean up itself depending on which was

more appropriate against an opponent's

given team overall mega Sharpedo was

once again an absolutely devastating

force in you you as for a regular

Sharpedo it wound up in argue but it

certainly didn't last very long

it was so overwhelmingly powerful that

it was banned - are you borderline

before ultra Sun and Moon even came out

it effortlessly swept entire offensive

teams at a moment's notice and force

players to go to unhealthy links to

cover it since the options were so

limited so everyone was glad to see

Sharpedo swim away from ru and before we

end we can talk about Sharpedo and VGC

briefly or as may have granted Sharpedo

and extremely cool mega evolution but

it's hard to make a case for it in terms

of speed and power when other Megas like

mega salamence Kangaskhan mall while and

many others exist as a physical water

type attacker it's safe to say

historically that players have opted to

use mega Gyarados or Swampert for the

years of 2015 and 2018 where all three

were legal if they want to give up a

mega slot as evidenced by the myriad of

placements from those two Gyarados even

share star pedals typing 1 and mega

evolves and even those Sharpedo does get

speed boosts before it mega evolves and

insanely high damage with this jaw moves

thanks to strong jaw it lacks the bulk

and utility that Gyarados / mega

Gyarados has with its access to

intimidate before it mega

and mega Gyarados is 155 base attacks

that is definitely nothing to sneeze at

whereas sharpedo's bulk is still abysmal

even as a mega 2019 holds the same

problem in terms of mega slot

competitions just with different Megas

Plus mega ray but at least Sharpedo can

damaged on the KRAS Maas with a strong

jaw boosted crunch anyways because of

all this is no surprise that only a few

trainers managed to obtain notable

placements with mega Sharpedo one being

in 2015 at a European Nationals and to

add these regionals respectively during

the 2019 ultra series so congratulations

to these players for their achievements

and experimentation but unfortunately

that is all that exists for sharpedo's

small VGC career and that's it so how

good was Sharpedo actually well it's

never been one for oh you say for a

brief period in black and white one

where it had a legitimate niche before

the fourth horse of the apocalypse

quelle deal came to ruin it however it

has been a uu lifer and has always been

at least genuinely good often even

considered great in that tier from its

unique place in its debut generation to

the speed boost styled cleanings of Gen

5 to its fierce mega evolution Sharpedo

has always had a fierce offensive

presence and effective despite its

immense frailty it will likely be a

threat if it returns to Gen a you you at

least of Gen 7 is anything to go by as

dropping it any further would be a

mistake on par with the jaws sequels

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