What Makes FN SCARs So Special?

we're in Columbia South Carolina at the

FN factory we heard been bid what do you

do here I'm the product manager for FN

America and our score line specifically

but more broadly long range long guns of

commercial and law enforcement markets


how did the star program come about the

scar program started as a response to a

SOCOM solicitation for a new battle

rifle the program was in the mid to

early 2000s they're looking for a

modular set of rifles that would share

common operating features between the

light version which would be a 556 and a

heavy version which would be a 76 - so

the head halves the same are operating

features so their operators wouldn't

have to train on different styles of

rifles but also have a lot of parts

commonality between the two so the rifle

is easier to maintain into the

battlefield logistically and of course

if top the rifles are similar they also

got up to trainer or armors on different

systems they're trained on the same

system it's a much easier system to

support logistically into the

battlefield the scar system with the

government wanted was a modular system

where the operator could change the

barrel lengths on it which of course we

offer you can take this standard scar

light and win a five five six rifle put

a ten a 14 or an 18 inch barrel on it

depending on what the operator needed it

for the mission the operator could do

the barrel change it wouldn't have to go

at you a higher level of maintenance to

get it changed the barrel lengths the

same thing for this car had even 7 6 -

13 16 and 20-inch barrels for this scar

heavy as it was furred - at the time

when FN won the contract for the scar

rifle the SOCOM battle rifle they picked

up the designations mark 16 and mark 17

after they picked up those designations

in 2007 FN decided that this would be a

pretty viable commercial product so we

changed as little as possible on those

fully automatic carbines made them some


brought them in the United States for

commercial sale you guys make these here

locally just right out there on the

floor right that's correct

a couple years ago we transitioned the

manufacturer of the scar rifles from

Belgium we brought them in tonight

dates to increase availability of the

rifles in the US commercial market and

also if the government wanted to

increase production of the mark series

we would have the capability inside the

united states to do that and the beauty

of the SCAR family arrivals is each one

of the rifles has a family member near

it and the scarf the scarf family right

now has four members in it of course

you've got the light carbine with a

knight with a 19 inch I'm sorry a 15

inch receiver you've got the scar heavy

and 762 with a little bit longer

receiver but they share a lot of the

same parts there's 85% parts commonality

between the cigar light and the cigar

heavy now if you go on in the small side

the scar se or the subcompact is

essentially the same architecture just

shrunk down but it shares a lot of the

parts commonality with the 16 because

they share the caliber they share the

same caliber so the magazines bolts

extractors stuff like that they share

between here these two rifles share

quite a bit and then the scar the scar

20s which is the commercial version of

the mark 20 the precision DMR or sniper

support rifle SOCOM wanted that operated

just like the Mark 17 took same

magazines the operator for one would

automatically recognize the features of

the precision rifle they share quite a

few parts too but across the family they

share some of all the same parts like

fire control parts would be the same for

all of the rifles so these were a big

deal with the military but we started

making on a commercial market did you

see a lot of success and people

interested in the rifle in the platform

absolutely if as soon as the government

or the military picks up any rifle and

makes it gives it a marked designation

an M designation it automatically will

have quite a bit of commercial appeal as

well as law enforcement appeal because

those customers realized that the

vetting of the system is done by the

military they're not buying something to

have a question about its durability

reliability precision this quality is

never in doubt FN realized that this

would be a very successful popular

commercial product in a semi-automatic

version and we certainly realized that

over the last 11 years

the SCAR rifles have been in the market

we simply can't make enough of them to


with the man in the market well Ben

thanks for talking to us about the scar

be sure to check out one of these on

guys calm excellent