Why the Tasmanian Tiger Became Extinct!

the Tasmanian Tigers been extinct since

1986 and was last seen in 1936 but why

are there still so many supposed

sightings over 3,000 people have said

they've seen a creature resembling the

marsupial mostly all of the sightings

which were all mainland Australia where

the tiger hasn't lived that in two

thousand years the tiger itself went

extinct due to the introduction of

dingoes on the mainland

while in Tasmania it went extinct to the

economic industry of sheep farming which

the marsupial was blamed for affecting

it all first started with a thought with

the thylacine being hunted for and

bounties put on by the Van Dam's Land

Company in 1830 while the government of

Tasmania stepped in in 1888 and set its

own bounties by the time it was added to

the list predicting animals the last

living tasmanian tiger died in the

Hobart Zoo in 1936 even though it's

extinct is there any way that the tiger

could be alive in low numbers well it is

possible you could look at the new

Queensland Night parrot which one

extinct in the early 1900's and was

rediscovered in 2013 accidentally by

photographers but searching for a mammal

is way different than looking for a bird

post evidence for the Tigers still

existing is in that concrete most of the

video sightings are at nighter and

horrible quality and then the normal

reported sightings could easily be

confused for other predators like

dingoes wild dogs or feral pigs but one

signing in particular though has a lot

of people questioning Brian Hobbs a

former tourism operator was camping one

night with a friend when something in

the middle of night startled his German

Shepherd Hobbes first reaction is that

he jumped out of bed and grabbed the

spotlight and leashes dogs and he

started walking looking through a ravine

he saw a couple glowing eye stating that

there was a male female and two pups

they look like thylacine and even the

Aboriginal people have stated that

they've seen a creature resembling a dog

that is not like a dingo she only comes

out at night would they call a moonlight

tiger see the Aborigines people have had

a rich history with the Tyla scene going

back 3,000 years when they made

engravings on the creature on rock they

used these engravings to do rituals to

try to protect the animal from

extinction one engraving which shows the

linking of the

to its prey also shows that the natives

were well aware that the animal is going

extinct on a mainland but scientists are

still trying to figure out ways to bring

back the animal either ways by cloning

or still searching for the animal if

it's still alive one case of the

Australian Museum in Sydney is that

they're trying to extract DNA from a

tasmanian tiger pub that has been stored

in alcohol since 1866 although with

advancements in cloning it could take up

to 10 to 15 years to actually clone for

it to work once they have the DNA they

would put it in an egg and then in a

relative like a does manian devil or a

number experts are skeptical though

saying that the museum has odds of zero

chances to a 50/50 shot and then there

comes the other option which is done

being done right now by James Cook

University which has responded to all

the sightings in Queensland I put dozen

of cameras around those areas of the

sightings they've decided to do this

because they have seen a drop of mammal

populations but the funny thing is about

the Tasmanian Tiger becoming extinct is

that it was preventable

John gourd staining from his book

mammals of Australia when the

comparatively small island of Tasmania

becomes more densely populated as

primitive forests are intersected with

roads from the eastern to the western

coast numbers of this singular animal

will speedily diminish extermination

will have its full sway he also then

stated that although this will be the

source of much regret the Shepherd or

the farmer can be blamed for wishing to

rid the island of so troublesome

creature overall maybe the Tasmanian

tiger was meant to go extinct the animal

could not compete with dingoes or

survive the wrath of humans which all

that stands now is a myth of something

we fully do not understand that makes us

more curious about finding a way to

bring it back who knows if we can ever

bring it back or find it for the time

being the thylacine is of creature from

a fantasy