TOR@TB: Game delayed after lights go out in Tampa

just water that game

struck out six

that's a strike and it's to to take

flicker of lights again

and a couple of those

we may have lost a few lights and Joe

Maddon's coming out talk with Chris

Siegel because that last flicker of


we did lose some light

John Gibbons mode come out we're going

to have a meeting at the plate here

body blows I always have a tendency to

add up over time

down on one knee right now


the other banks of lights that we may

have lost

and it's becoming a relatively common

occurrence here with the bad weather and

the 16th Street substation it needs to

be protected in some manner how about a

rubber roof that would be perfect

providing protection and perhaps

insulation from electrical shock the

substation has a glass jaw

it needs help

are you strobing

comes off the mound

and he's headed toward the dugout Madden

that Gibbons talking it over here Gary

cederstrom is the crew chief he's come

down from third base

well what's the interesting is this

isn't your normal outage

you could almost continue to play it's

not in that dark in here you get one

bank maybe two banks out of the entire

place out everything else is on the

storm isn't over you can still hear the

rumbling of thunder and the rain outside

so you can see

with joe maddon coming out and talking

with the first chris siegel and then

gary cederstrom the crew chief we have a

power delay with at least one bank of

lights diminished and difficult to tell

from our perspective if there are any

others in our cast Roman had been

standing out there in the middle of the

infield said while you guys are talking

I'm going to go to the dugout

so with one out

and the count of two two on milena

flickering again

so we have a

power delay here at Tropicana Field

again in the middle of the storm as it

rages outside

so with the play halted there's Marcus

Stroman the starting pitcher for the

Blue Jays right now let's go down

Todd Callas has gathered some

information dried off a bit now the

number one what's the forecast and

what's the situation with the lighting

the forecast doesn't look great but I

can't tell from here but the lighting

Duane it's just one thing light it's one

bank above third-base the bank lights

behind home plate normally are not on so

it's just one bank of lights it's above

third base and it's causing enough of an

issue that Joe Maddon wand the umpires

to at least look at and they decided it

was not safe to continue to play so

these lights generally take about 20

minutes to get refire it up and come

back to full illumination so we'll see

what happens but yeah it's just that one

bank of lights up there we do have an

answer for your other question VA and

Dwayne the glove with the strings or the

tassels attached to the glove any part

of the glove including the strings on

the glove are considered a part of the

glove just like Charlie Reliford the

umpire supervisor told us however two

inches is the length of the strings that

you're allowed from the base of the

glove so I'm not sure how long that

string of the glove was but two inches

any part of the glove counts if you make

a tag guys I got you so they'd have to

go out and actually measure the length

and then replay measure then replay

could have set precedent because watch

the gloves right there there on the

helmet yeah

and those look longer than two inches

but at the time that they brushed the

helmet they were too later with it to it

to see their horizontal yet to the

ground so they're less than two inches

of the lot of streets there isn't it all

about getting it right yeah that might

have been an interesting issue had the

Rays decided to go out in the challenge

a call on a tag play like that

getting the clarification there I just

can't believe that 12 lights are going

to keep us from playing ball

what is it amateur hour here that's

almost as if we've had a heavy cloud

that came by and pass in a few moments

since we've certainly played on cloudy

days in fact it's time of the year be

outdoors sometimes you're looking for a

cloudy day I came and I'm going to talk

anymore because I hear what's going on

in the background yeah it means I'm

checking out of this conversation and

I'm gonna go watch some TV

sounds like a good idea the both of us

we're gonna go to a break and we're

gonna watch what's going on you know

what's going on