The Tabernacle is empty.

there's no mass today anywhere

why because Jesus is dead he's been

buried he's gone and if you go into any

Catholic Church today you're gonna find

the tabernacle door is open the

tabernacle empty the sanctuary lamp is

going to be extinguished he's gone and

often today is the day that I like to

come and be with Mary can you imagine

what she was going through right now

just yesterday she had witnessed her son

being tortured and dying she held his

dead body in her arms remembering that

moment that she had bought him into this


pure innocent clean and now he's

returned to her bloody broken head and I

can just see how she was going over in

her mind seeing these scenes seeing

these different moments of him being

condemned to death him carrying his

cross him being nailed to the cross and

in her heart she's hurting the day she

needs us so today is a day that I like

to be with her to console her and it's

not saying a lot it's just opening our

heart to her heart that's been so

wounded did yesterday was the day the

sword passed there were hurt in life

includes these kind of moments we have

moments of passion moments of death and

even in our mission we have moments of

this as well but we know with the big

picture is not to end in the death it's

not to end in the grieving it's for new

life to come and so even though we may

be grieving deep deep down we need to be

praying for this moment not only of the

death but of the resurrection Jesus's

ascension into heaven and the coming of

the Holy Spirit on the church so that we

have a church alive