Mark on the Symbolism of what Lady Justice means. : Mark-kishon: Christopher.

welcome guys to my presentation of Lady


now just as promised I'm going to

analyze what this symbol means and like

most things it is in plain sight so

first of all why Lady Justice well lady

is feminine and the feminine lady is

blindfolded which means that she is

blind to the fact not that she is

impartial but she simply blind she can't

hear you she can't see you she's also

holding up a pair of scales now the

scales in commas usually means that

which adds up to zero now what does zero

mean it means no value zero has no value

so if you do not settle the score to say

in this situation to zero where they put

you back to zero income zero same in

savings you will have your head cut off

with feminine grace that's what the

two-edged sword is it can cut on the up

and it can cut on the down it's a

two-edged sword okay now in addition to

that she is standing on laurel leaves

now the rural leaves these particular

ones is the Roman Empire okay that's the

crown of the Roman Emperor Rome of

course now modern-day Rome is the Roman

batygin Church now in addition to that

the branch is actually slayed like the

wings of an eagle the wing tips are up

when the wing tips are up it is

predatory money okay so it's a Phoenix

money like the dollar note so a not

Phoenix it's an eagle money okay so

which means the wing tips are up and

it's a predator this is a predator and

the predator of course it's federal

right and I'll talk about more about

this in the seminar now if the wing tips

were down that would be the Phoenix

that that would be the Ratigan for

example they the phoenix bird sets

itself on fire and three days later it

rises from his own ashes as something

else usually another Phoenix now that's

the Phoenix act or the three day

recisions act now the symbolism that

I've given to you are all open symbols

universally okay so it requires no

magical or esoteric interpretations as

to what these symbols mean they are in

plain sight so if you are going to walk

into a courtroom that is displaying this

as their emblem this is what you're

going to get they're blind to you they

can't hear you and in this case she is a

silhouette and she's holding pair of

scales they would decide how much money

you will walk away in your pocket and

how much they would take from you if

they can't accomplish that and they will

just sever your head with feminine grace

and they are also telling you who's

doing it in this case its predatory

money federal money so that's my that's

why how can I put it these are the

symbols in plain fact I wanted to say my

interpretation but I don't think there

is very many other interpretation apart

from those things which are staring us

in the eyes thank you very much