What Causes Green Pools & Algae Growth in Swimming Pools? We Can Help Explain - Chlorine King

- Lauren King Here I am working this is

day two of a green pool that I'm working

on you can see is looking pretty good

there's still some work ahead left but I

just want to talk about what could cause

green pools what allows algae to grow

and there's really three main factors

the first one is bad chemistry for

chemistry's off out it's going to grow

the second factor is bad circulation if

you're not keeping your pool circulating

algae will for sure grow and then the

last factor is a combination of the two

if you have bad circulation and bad

chemistry guess what you're gonna have

algae in your pool so let's talk about

each of them a little more specifically

bad chemistry now there's a couple

parameters you really need to pay

attention to when trying to eliminate

algae growth or a green pool and the

first one is your chlorine or sanitation

level you want to make sure your

chlorines high enough because chlorine

is what kills the algae if you have a

salt system you want to make sure that

your salt system is producing chlorine

next thing you want to look at your pH

your pH is too high the chlorine is less

effective in fact I believe it's 50%

less effective at 7.8 than it is at 7.2

so you want to make sure that your pH is

good another chemical you want to look

at your stabilizer level is your

stabilizers are too high because your

stabilizer being too high will not allow

the chlorine to work as effectively I

like to call it liquid handcuffs when

your stabilizers too high and if it's

too low then the sun's gonna burn it out

of the pool very quickly you're not

gonna have any residual sanitation in

your pool and now she's gonna grow and

if those are all in check then you need

to start looking at things like your

phosphate levels possibly nitrates and

things like that to make sure that you

know you're not having things introduced

in the water that's not allowing the

main chemicals or properly now it's took

you take a look at number two bad

circulation is your pool runner running

long enough is your filter clean those

are two main things you need to look at

when you're looking at your circulation

if you're not really getting a lot of

you're out of your returns maybe your

pumps going bad maybe your filters dirty

maybe your impellers clogged but either

way you need to figure out how to get

your pool circulating because the

circulation is what moves the chlorine

around in the water to kill the algae

then you need to think about your run

time now old school train of thought is

for every hour or every 10 degrees it is

hot outside you run that pump for an

hour so if it's 90 degrees outside

you need to run at least nine hours I

generally tell my clients in the

wintertime six to eight hours and then

in the summertime when people are using

it more frequently and stuff like that

it's hotter eight or ten to 12 hours so

those are some circulation issues that

you can have that will cause algae to

grow and then the last is just a

combination of the two you need to

really have everything ironed out make

sure there's nothing holding the

circulation or the chemicals back from

allowing the pool to stay clean and

clear so I'm gonna go ahead and get back

to this green pool and get it turned

around and I hope that video helped you

guys and stay tuned for more videos like

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soon have a great weekend everyone