good afternoon everybody it's a

beautiful day today and we're about to

have a fun little evening here because

it's Super Bowl Sunday that's dangerous

and we're having a party


biceps that's these guys right here yep

that's what we're working on what are

you doing that's what is that little

number I won at a Tupperware party yeah

I think it's pretty cool what's it

called a doohickey well it chops

everything up so it makes avocados turn

into that it's really great for chicken

and stuff too

shredded chicken mmm and this is my job

over here wash and cut the vegetables in

fruit but anyway we've got a lot to do

before everybody starts showing up not

gonna have too many people here so it

was a family and some friends and we're

gonna go watch upstairs on the projector

because why not have a party when you've

got a projector I mean come on so it'll

be up there be fun right now we just

have a few more things to do hello we've

got our first guests here let's move

this sucker upstairs since we're going

upstairs what projector we don't have

any like furniture so I move my coffee

table upstairs


and Zach oh this is beautiful right here

that oh that's me

hi look at that this is great halftime

oh you better think of that though the

Falcons are winning it's amazing what

this game has been really great so far

play me some harmonica dude let's see so

right now the the stream is that we

watching this in the Apple TV but the

Spanish stream is working so we're gonna

finish watching the game in Spanish so

yeah next year just come to Howie's you

and then boom one two

we're gonna double this population here

well we were just so sad and so bummed

that the the Falcons blew it that we

forgot to film everybody else in the

rest of the party it was just like oh we

just forgot everything so yeah

so everybody's gone now the party's all

over and we are we are now about to go

to bed so anyway Mason so sad oh so sad

I know but in how you feel I know how

you feel this is like the AFC

Championship all over again or the

Steelers lost to the Patriots anyway it

was a fun night thank you guys so much

for watching it's late so we're gonna go

to bed have a great night we'll see you

next time bye