✅ 4 Ways To Close Suntrust Bank Account 🔴


hi everyone today I'm going to be

talking to you about SunTrust Bank and

four ways that you can close your

account with SunTrust so first what

might be some reasons that you'd want to

close your account well there could be

many reasons some of these could include

fees that the bank is charging are too

high they require certain minimum

balance or you've moved to new part of

the country where this Bank is no longer

available whatever the reason is for

wanting to close your centrist bank

account I'll walk you through the

different ways that you can do that

before you close your account you will

want to make sure that first all of the

funds are taken out of the account and

there's a zero balance second that there

are no automatic payments scheduled to

come out of this account and then

thirdly if you have any direct deposit

so make sure that they are no longer set

to be deposited into this account once

all of these are taken care of you're

ready to close your account for a couple

of the options you will need to access

the huntress website as you can see i'm

already on the centrist website I'll be

using Safari but you can use any browser

you'd like and you can see the URL at

the top of the screen centrist comm so

the first way to close your account will

be by calling the bank and closing your

account over the phone this isn't always

the most straightforward phone number to

find on the website but you can usually

find it with a little bit of searching

the easiest place to find a customer

service number is going to be on the

back of your debit card so you can call

that number and if it ends up not being

the right Department whoever you reach

should be able to then transfer you to

the right Department that can help you

to get your account closed once you call

they may require verification in writing

before they'll close your account but

closing it over the phone is usually an

option the second way that you can close

your account is by mailing SunTrust a

letter this option will actually be the

least recommended one for a few reasons

when you mail the letter you won't know

for certain if the correct Department

received the canceled letter and this is

also just the slowest and most

inefficient option however it is still

an option if you prefer it so if you

choose to do this option you can usually

find the mailing address on the centrist

website but as with the phone number

this can sometimes be a little bit

difficult to find so you can also try

doing a google search to find you the

mailing address the third way to close

your account is by stopping by a

centrist branch and doing it in person

so some banks only have a few branches

but you can find a branch closest to

your location on the website to do this

you're going to click on the menu button

which is located on the top left corner

of the screen it is a circle icon with

three lines in the middle of it you'll

click on that and then that brings over

this bill but if that brings over this

menu and the very first option on the

top right left of the screen you'll see

a button that says find us you'll click

on that and then you'll enter your city

or your zip code and then click find us

and that'll bring up a list of all of

the locations that are closest to you

when you go to the branch make sure to

take some kind of identification with

you such as a driver's license or a

government ID the fourth way that you

can close your account is by logging

into your online banking account and

making an electronic request to do this

on the same screen that there's a sign

on a button that you can click on so

you'll click sign on and then that

brings over this net other window where

online banking is already selected so

you'll just enter your credentials your

user ID your password and then click the

arrow once you're logged in you can look

for the option to close your account

sometimes this means just sending an

email to centrist or it could be filling

out an online form so those are the four

ways that you can close your SunTrust

account if you happen to know of a

different way to close a bank account

that SunTrust be sure to leave a comment

and let us know I hope that you found

this useful and if you're looking for a

new bank be sure to check out the video

description for more information