Sun (The Ultimate Source of Energy)

but the Sun

our son may in fact have been born out

of the most violent event in the cosmos

as our nebula began to collapse under

its own gravity and spin faster a dense

clump of matter formed in the center at

first its heat was due to friction but

when the plant reached 18 million

degrees Fahrenheit

nuclear fusion kicked in four and a half

billion years ago a star was born

how does the Sun look

the Sun is one of the most important

essential to life it gives us warmth and

light to survive the Sun creates energy

with nuclear fusion it's like a large

hydrogen bomb in the center of our solar

system two hydrogen atoms will smash

into each other and create a helium atom

when two atoms fused they also create

energy of the core of the Sun

some of this energy will get to the

earth as heat and light some of this

energy will also get a a solar winds

which creates beautiful Aurora's near

the poles

what will happen when the Sun dies

son will continue this process for

another five billion years

but what will happen when the Sun runs

out of fuel

once the hydrogen runs out for the Sun

will start collapse on itself which will

rush it out the heat and the remaining

hydrogen and cause the Sun to expand

into a red giant this means that it will

swell until it nearly reaches the orbit

of Mars

the other three inner planets Mercury


we'll be completely involved in the

stock and you seemed great

after this expansion stage reaches its

peak the outer layers of the solar

atmosphere will gradually be shed to

form a planetary nebula and Starks

which is the helium powder stuff so the

Sun is a white dwarf the three of the

four inner planets are gone the question

is how the solar system will look then