Ecosystems Science Notes - Producers and Consumers


video notes all right over the last

couple weeks we have been talking about


and the types of organisms that live in

an ecosystem

so that's what we're going to do today

let's set up our notes we're going to

call it organisms

in an ecosystem

and before we get any further into our

notes let's remember what organisms are

if you'll remember organisms is a fancy

science word for

living things

so organisms are living things that's

the big idea there

remember while we're doing these notes

you can pause at any time to get caught


so don't feel rushed if you need to

pause me go ahead and pause and then

start the video back up when you're

caught up all right i'm going to draw a

line under that

and there are three types of organisms

in an ecosystem

so i'm going to draw three boxes i'm

going to kind of do my best

guess so i can give myself enough space

for all three boxes

phew did it now the first one we're

going to talk about are our producers

producers are plants

and they make their energy

actually they don't make energy they

make their food

and change that to food

using air

water and energy

from the sun

that's the really big idea that you need

to know about producers

they're plants and they make food using

air water and energy from the sun

that is your fifth grade standard let's

also show a couple examples

now i'm going to add my own examples but

these are your notes you could add your

own examples

i'm going to add trees

grass oh we need to also remember the


plants what about seaweed

um we also have plankton

let's see cactuses those would be a not

an aquatic one but that's a

hard one to remember

so any of these are good examples

if you have some other producers that

you can think of go ahead and add your

own examples

i'm going to grab my green crayon and

i'm just going to really quick outline

this to remind me

producers are plants

awesome all right the next group of

organisms are the consumers

and consumers are animals

animals get

their energy

and matter the stuff they're made of

by eating

other organisms

remember an organism is any living thing

so animals get their matter and energy

by eating other organisms

now there are three types of consumers

if you remember from our video you may

have caught this

there are i'm going to put a one for one

type of consumer

there are carnivores

now carnivores

they eat only


let's think of some examples a carnivore

could be a tiger

or a wolf

you might have a different example the

second group

are the herbivores

the h in herbivore is silent so

herbivores eat only


so an example of an herbivore might be a


it only eats bamboo you can even add

bamboo over here

herbivores eat only plants

let's see what else would be a good

herbal oh a rabbit

and then the last group of consumers

is an omnivore

omna this root in here means both

so an omnivore eats

meat and plants

and a great example of an omnivore

is us people

most people are omnivores now you might

be an herbivore if you say nope i only

eat plants

i am a vegan but most humans are


bears are another example of omnivores

see if you can think of any others these

are our three

categories of consumers

so i'm gonna gonna color in my consumers


to show that they eat other things

now the last group we haven't really

talked about a lot

next week when we do our mystery science

we get to do an

experiment using some of the stuff in

your kit and

we're gonna learn about the next group

so if you think you already know that

you can write it in in pencil but

if you're not sure that's okay we're

gonna learn about it next week

so here's a clue don't tell anyone i

told you put a big star up here

this is really important for your fifth

grade science test

it's super important that you know what

a producer is

remember that they're any type of plant

that's making its own food using

air water and energy from the sun

and it's super important that you know

consumers are animals

and that they get their energy and their


by eating other organisms all alright

see if you can use this strategy to

answer the questions on the next slide