Top 5 Benefits of SUN that ARE NOT Vitamin D

today I'm gonna share with you the top 5

proven health benefits of exposing

yourself to the Sun that are not vitamin

D what's going on everybody how you

doing it's blake bowman here with

guerrillas and fitness and in today's

video i'm gonna be talking about what i

consider to be the 5 top benefits of

sunlight exposure that just so happened

to not be vitamin d okay so if you've

been in the health scene or health arena

for a while then you probably know of

the importance of exposing yourself to

the sunshine in order to get vitamin d

basically when UV light hits the skin it

allows us to produce vitamin D in our

body and that is a major health benefit

of sunlight exposure however there are

many other types of health benefits

associated with sunlight exposure that

are not directly associated with vitamin

D and that's what I'm going to be going

over with you today benefit number one

is regular sunlight exposure actually

helps to balance and optimize your

circadian rhythm and if you don't know

what your circadian rhythm is it's

essentially your body's internal clock

it's your body's sense of what time it

is and this is a very important thing to

make sure is is functioning properly and

is optimized because your circadian

rhythm has influence over every

physiologic system in the body

everything from hormone production to

your mood energy to brain function is

all influenced to a degree by sunlight

exposure and your circadian rhythm okay

and so for that reason you want to

expose yourself to as much sunlight as

you can so you can optimize your

circadian rhythm and optimize all of the

physiologic symp systems that your

circadian rhythm influences benefit

number two of regular sunlight exposure

is that actually reduces your risk of

dying from certain types of cancers like

colon cancer prostate cancer pancreatic

cancer and a couple other ones and

basically you know

there are some cancers that are actually

associated with overt UV exposure ok

skin cancer can develop from getting too

much UV exposure which comes from the

Sun if you get burned

or something like that it's definitely

not good it's never good to get a

sunburn however moderate sun exposure

you know you know on a frequent basis

that like I said has actually been shown

to reduce mortality associated with

certain types of cancer I put that study

here on the screen for you to look into

yourself benefit number three of regular

sunlight exposure is that it reduces

depression and increases happiness okay

and the way that it does this is by

stimulating the production of both

serotonin and dopamine in the body's

tissues these are hormones that when

they're in when they're not in

sufficient quantities in the body that

are associated with depression you know

lethargy lack of energy and when you

have higher levels of these things you

know you have a better mood better

positive outlook on life so it basically

is more conducive to feeling happier

being in a happier state and having less

of a depressed state benefit number four

of regular sunlight exposure is it

boosts cognitive function so your brain

functions better when you're regularly

exposed to sunlight okay

studies have shown that sunlight

avoidance or light avoidance actually

causes cognitive impairment and the

exact opposite is true for you know

being exposed to sunlight being exposed

to bright light it actually improves

your brain function the last big benefit

of regular sunlight exposures for men

and it has to do with your sex hormone

levels so basically being exposed to

sunlight on a regular basis increases

serum levels in the blood of sex

hormones like testosterone your male sex

hormone that gives you you know your

confidence your your vitality your

strength a lot of things that are

associated with masculine

characteristics come from testosterone

that's one of the sex hormones that is

actually increased due to regular

sunlight exposure just letting it hit

your body the data it does show that

letting it hit your your testes actually

increases the sex hormone production

effect even more obviously be careful

with that you don't want to get a

sunburn down there that's it for today's

video I really hope that you enjoyed

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