Sun and Stars : Science Videos for Kids

stars and the Sun

have you ever looked up at the stars did

you wonder what they're made of

stars are giant balls of hot gases they

have a lot of energy they give off a lot

of light we can see them even though

they're very far away

what is the Sun did you know that our

Sun is a star the Sun seems brighter

because it is much closer to us the Sun

is the star that is closest to the earth

the Sun is made of burning gases it is

very very hot its surface temperature is

about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit your

oven only heats up to about 500 degrees

the center of the Sun is its core the

core produces all the sun's energy

the Sun may look small in the sky but it

is huge it is a million times bigger

than the earth think of the earth being

the size of a peppercorn then the Sun

would be the size of a basketball

why doesn't the Sun look bigger to us

because it is many millions of miles

away it is so far away that it takes

eight minutes for its light to reach us

does the Sun move

we say that the Sun rises in the morning

we see it going up we say that it sets

in the evening we see it going down does

that mean that the Sun moves

no the Sun doesn't really move it just

seems to be moving it's the earth that

really moves the Sun is in the middle of

the solar system the earth orbits goes

around the Sun all the planets orbit go

around the Sun

the Sun is very important to the earth

plants use sunlight to make their food

for themselves

these plants are used for food by

animals and humans

how does the Sun affect whether the Sun

gives the earth light and heat it heats

the land and the water the warm land and

water warm up the air above this makes

weather changes happen warm air rises

and cold air rushes in to replace it

this causes wind

warm air makes water evaporate from

lakes and oceans it goes up into the sky

and forms clouds this causes rain

without the Sun we would have no life on

Earth the Sun is the reason we see

shadows on earth a shadow on Earth

occurs when something blocks the light

from the Sun in the morning shadows are

long the Sun is behind the objects on

earth as it rises the objects block more

of the light in the afternoon shadows

are shorter the Sun is higher above the

objects on earth they do not block its

light as much

the Sun Goes Down in the evening shadows

get longer again

it's fun to learn about the Sun but

don't ever stare at it it's light is

very powerful it can hurt your eyes

let us now summarize what we have