A Little Bit About the Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger

I'm Gabby wild a windblown thrill driven

aspiring veterinary student at Cornell

University for the month november we are

saving the critically endangered

Sumatran tiger and not surprisingly they

are located on the Indonesian island of

Sumatra there are only 300 of these

tigers left in the wild the Sumatran

tiger is actually an evolutionary and

genetically distinct subspecies of tiger

in fact they have smaller stripes

compared to other Tigers and they're

considered the smallest subspecies of

tiger and the romantic getaway for a

Sumatran tiger would be in lush forests

such as peat moss forests where they can

hunt millian dear and millian Tavia and

wild boar Sumatran tigers are fantastic

swimmers so don't jump in a river if

you're trying to escape from one they

actually have webbing in between their

toes to help some swim more adroitly the

reason why these guys are critically

endangered is to to deforestation which

is including their environment and also

because of their beautiful pelts they're

being shot and poached please help us

save a Sumatran tiger from extinction

and stay awhile