Eutychus I Animated Bible Story For Children | HolyTales Bible Stories

Hello friends welcome back i hope you all are ready to hear a new story from the bible

just like tubby, gumbo and freakels. Great

lets then begin with the story

After Paul's missionary journey to Ephesus he and his group of men went to a place called trovas

it was the first day of the week. So they all gather to celebrate god's supper

There paul preached as he had a lot of things to preach the believers.

He know he was leaving the next day so he had to teach the people . everything in this gathering

Paul preached the entire day and soon it was midnight

And he was still not done the group of believer's have met on a room upstairs

which was lit with many little lamps there was one young man named unicus

who was listening to Paul preach sitting by the window unicus was listening to what paul was saying

as it was late he was feeling sleepy. Unicus fall asleep in the window side and fell out of the window

three stores down to the ground Paul ran down to check Unicus and found he had died.

Don't worry Paul said to everyone around him he's alive. Paul lifted unicus in his arms

And to everyones amazement he was alive again everyone went back upstairs

ate god's supper and Paul started preaching till sun came up

Everyone was relieved to see Unicus was fine

Wow that was such a exiting story. Yes it was indeed

i am glad you kids like the story. Well now it's time for the question.

What was the name of the town where Paul and his men went after they journeyed Ephesus ?

the name of the place was troas. You are absolutely correct tubby.

Yeey Hope you enjoyed hearing this new story from the bible.

We sure did we will be back soon Until next time bye . bye