How to Fix Power Steering in Your Car (Quick)

one, two, three, four!

Rev up your engines!

It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, is your power-steering binding when

you're trying to turn, or maybe it turns real easy to the right, but it's real

hard to turn to the left, well that's the classic signs of a power steering rack

that has problems, but before you go out and buy an expensive rack and pinion, and

take the whole front end of the car apart to replace it, you might try a

little trick I learned years ago, it's called seafoam trans tune, and if

you look closely, it says also for hydraulic and power steering systems,

because a power steering system that binds, is often a clogged up power

steering rack that can be cleaned out, and it's pretty easy to do, all you need

is an old turkey baster, and a glass to put some fluid in, just go to the power

steering reservoir, take the top off and suck some of the fluid out, then put it

in the container, then get your bottle of Trans tune, and put half of it in, it's 16

ounces, so you put 8 ounces in, so pour half the bottle in, and now comes the

hard part, start the car up, and turn the steering wheel back and forth, then let the car idle for 15

or 20 minutes, and every 3 or 4 minutes come and turn the steering wheel back

and forth again, the cleaner is working it's way through the power steering

system, and it can often unclog sticky valves inside the power steering rack,

well it's been half an hour now, so let's see how it worked, well we're going

down the road and it turns to the left and to the right smooth as silk,

sure beats taking the whole front end apart and replacing the

power steering rack, now the only thing that needs to be done is to put fluid

back into the system, just get your turkey baster and suck the

fluid out of the reservoir, then refill it with power steering fluid, the small

residue and cleaner that's inside will just evaporate and won't do any harm,

I've been using this trans tune for decades, and over the years I've saved

hundreds of my customers from having to buy power steering racks, so the next

time your power steering starts acting up, don't get mad, fix it with some

cleaner, and remember if you've got any car questions just visit scotty