How is the Capital City of a Country decided?


the capital of a country is usually the

largest city where the government of a

country function where there is the

highest code of justice embassies good

infrastructure and a lot of people for

example London is the capital city of

United Kingdom simply because it is the

most important and the largest city in

the country in the same way the capital

of Japan is Tokyo and the capital of

France is Paris both being the largest

cities and the center of political and

economic activity in their respective

country but is this always the case

actually no because the capital of

Australia is Canberra instead of Sydney

or Melbourne which are much larger

similarly the capital of United States

is not New York City but Washington DC

even though New York is more than ten

times larger than Washington DC there

are so many other examples where the

capital city is not the largest or the

most important city in the country so

what exactly is the criteria for

deciding the capital of a country

because of capital city in a way

represents the nation so how is it all

decided historically the major economic

center of a region or the place where

the king resided would naturally become

the capital of the kingdom a good

example of this is the city of

Constantinople which served as the

capital of Roman Byzantine and the

Ottoman Empire Constantinople was the

largest and the wealthiest city in

Europe in the medieval times but in

modern times the pattern and criteria

for selecting a capital city began to

change for example take Australia in

Australia there was a rivalry between

Sydney and Melbourne to become the

national capital of the country

Melbourne had become the largest and the

richest city in Australia by that time

but Sydney was the older city with much

more history due to this fierce

competition between the two cities it

was decided that neither of them would

be named as the capital so that you know

none of them feels bad

instead as a compromise a new capital

was built midway between Sydney and

Melbourne and was named as Canberra

today Canberra is the eighth largest

city in Australia much smaller than both

Sydney and Melbourne an important factor

while selecting a capital city is

adequate security the capital city is

always a primary target in war as

capturing it would mean the fall of the

government this is the reason why Ottawa

was selected as the capital of Canada

instead of Toronto or Montreal because

it was further away from the border than

other cities this would make the city

much more defensible in case of an

attack from the United States in the

same way they'll heat the capital of

India is at a safe distance from the

border and hence the seed of the

government is well protected but some

countries like to have their capitals on

their coasts in fact 79 countries in the

world have core coastal capitals but

having a capital on the coast can make

it cone to attacks to see also it would

be difficult to administrate the whole

country from the coast especially if the

country is big like Brazil between 1763

and 1960 the capital of Brazil was Rio

de Janeiro on the southeast coast Rio is

an iconic city the main cultural hub of

Brazil and it rightly fitted as their

capital but in 1955 the newly elected

president whose original Cuba check I

hope I pronounced that correctly decided

that the capital of Brazil should be

shifted to the interior of the country

the intention was to develop the

underdeveloped inner regions of Brazil

of capital in the center of the country

would result in better governance and

also help to populate the inner parts of

the country so a new city was built from

scratch between 1956 and 1960 this

planned city was named as priscila

Brasilia lies in the heart of Brazil

much further away from all the important

cities from the southeast coast like Rio

and Sao Paulo


there are many more other examples of

capital relocations like how India's

capital was shifted from Calcutta to

Delhi during British Raj or how the

capital of Turkey was change from

Istanbul to Ankara in 1923 also a future

capital change is possible in Iran the

capital of Iran the Heron lies on about

hundred fault lines and may experience a

catastrophic earthquake in the future so

the government is studying for places

near home and is fahan for a new capital

but some Iranian think that the change

in capital is to avoid protests against

the government similar to what my Anwar

did but some countries have two capitals

currently there are 15 countries which

have more than one capital one of them

is Malaysia which has two capitals one

is Kuala Lumpur and the other is

Putrajaya this was done because Kuala

Lumpur had become overcrowded and

politically congested as the only

capital of Malaysia so the government

decided to build a new capital 33

kilometers south of kuala lumpur named

Putrajaya then there is one country with

three capitals South Africa is the only

country in the world to have not one not

two but three capitals the

administrative capital is Pretoria the

legislative capital is Cape Town and the

judicial capital is Rome Fontaine

even though Johannesburg is the largest

city in South Africa it is still not one

of the three capitals of the country

well at this point you might be thinking

that every country has at least one

capital right actually known some small

countries like Hong Kong Monaco and

Singapore are classified as city states

where the nation itself is the capital

and then there is this country called

now - in the Pacific Ocean which has no

official capital since there are no

cities in the country so there is no

exact criteria for deciding of capital

city it all depends on various factors

the most important of them being

strategic location political economic

cultural importance as well as

historical significance