What is the Meaning of the Star of David?

today we're going to be giving a little

bit of history and insight into the Star

of David symbol it's known in Hebrew as

the mugging David which literally means

the shield of David the truth is that

the interlocking symmetrical triangle

was a common symbol in the east

in the ancient world the hexagram also

had was what was very common in Shinto

belief in Japan and an astrological

figure in Persia the history of the Star

of David itself nobody is really quite

sure where or were originated or how it

became like such a prominent

identifiable symbol with with Judaism

the earliest archaeological source is an

ancient synagogue in northern Israel

that dates to the sixth century BCE the

carving that's on the synagogue depicts

a victorious Babylonian king and a

defeated king of Judah with a six

pointed star above his head

other examples are from history there's

a 2000 year old Star of David carved on

a stone in a synagogue and pequin

there's a six-pointed star in the

ancient mosaic floor in Al and the far

shore a synagogue in Rosh Pina

in the Upper Galilee there is a coastal

city in southern Italy that has a Jewish

tombstone with the Star of David on it

that dates from the 3rd century some

take this idea of the shield of David

literally thinking that it was a symbol

that was on the shields of David's army

but V le Mellish appeared often off says

that there was actually a menorah on the

on the shields of David's army the

aquellas Yitzhak said that Psalm 67

which is written sometimes in the shape

of menorah you'll see in some sardick

prayer books this as well that that was

what was written on King David's shields

perhaps there is a connection between

the seven branches of the menorah and

the six points of the star with that

Center space as well could be a lie

the connection between those as well the

Talmud the guimard and gittin

says that King Solomon had a seal that

was used to control demons now although

the Talmud says that this seal was a

name of God

various oral traditions teach that it

was either a five or six pointed star

from these traditions come many amulets

that incorporate either a five-pointed

or a six pointed star to protect from

malevolent forces in ancient kabbalistic

texts like safer as Yale the book of the

angel Raphael

Amala it uses six six pointed star of

david' or other various stars in the in

the construction of amulets

unfortunately many occult groups

throughout the ages and until today use

these stars either the five pointed Seal

of Solomon or the six pointed shield of

David in their magic practices Judaism

is clearly opposed to to any of that so

again some people suggest that King

Solomon and his seal are the are the

source for the Star of David or for this

being a Jewish symbol it has little

support for there's a little support for

this theory but it is such an idea the

Samaritans have a tradition that a six

pointed star represents the six cities

of refuge the Samaritans were a group

that broke off from the early Hebrews

they have a tradition that the six

pointed star represents the six cities

of refuge it may be that the armor

during the Vark Akbar rebellion was

engraved with a Star of David after all

the word Bar Kochba means the son of the

star there's legends that the star was

on the battle gear of the Maccabees as

well you know as time continued the

symbol became more prevalent we see it

on the Leningrad codex which is the

oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew

Bible which which dates to around a

thousand seee in the 14th century there

were Hebrew Bibles from Spain that had

this Star of David

it printed on it in say frog Ville a

13th century cabbalistic work by Rabbi

David Ben Yehuda Hassan he was the first

one to unite this symbol of a

six-pointed star with the words Magan

dahveed the shield of David that

hexagram shaped star that we identify

with during the period during this

period throughout the Middle Ages it was

interchangeable five-point star six

pointed star and then eventually became

designated as time continued one the

five pointed star being the shield of

Solomon star of Solomon or the the sign

of Solomon seal of Solomon and the six

pointed shield of David in the 1400s the

Jews of Prague chose to display the

sixth pointed star on their communal

flag likewise this was done with the

Jews in Budapest in the 1600s the Jews

of Vienna incorporated it as their

communal seal as well and in the 1800s

the symbols spread to Jewish communities

throughout the world and what put it

over the top was when it was adopted as

a symbol of Zionism by the second

Zionist Congress in 1898 some of the

symbolism that has been associated with

it through various sources the edits a

Haemon till him says that there's an

allusion to Jewish kings using this

banner that's that the ancient Jewish

kings would use a banner that had a

similar symbol on it a six-pointed star

has an angel was in ancient times the

representation of royalty represented

royalty another idea that's brought up

about what's what the significance of

the shield of David the Star of David is

is that maybe a reminder of God's

dominion over the entire world in all

six directions up down right left

forward and back in Jewish mysticism in

juice Jewish mysticism the Mystics say

that the two triangles represent the

physical and the spiritual world like

almost as after two arrows one pointing

up one pointing down that's the myrrh

of the physical and spiritual as well as

the relationship between God and mankind

the tenth Spheeris the the 10 attributes

in which godliness is described as

expressing itself to the world

we're also represented many times and

Kabbalistic books through through the

the image of a six pointed star it's

interesting for take-it-or-leave-it just

an interesting fact that all of the

letters of the Hebrew alphabet can be

form using the lines of this star so

again the star of david' has a long

history of loose loose association with

judaism and as time progressed its

prominence as a Jewish symbol and only

as a Jewish symbol grew I believe that

the ambiguity of the star of David's

origin and the fact that we're not

really sure a hundred percent how it

became a part of Judaism is because why

but why the ambiguity because Torah has

always been the symbol of the Jewish


we need a banner or symbol or a flag or

all the other things that all the other

nations of the world have we have a

symbol Torah

torez what represents us many people

other faiths other nations whatever they

tend to need or desire something that

symbolizes them what they represent what

they need and have to craft either you

know some sort of symbol or imagery

choose haftorah

Torah is what we live on tour is what

beats through our vein but Beats makes

our heart beat what's it makes our our

blood flow so if a Jew really wants to

connect with the ultimate Jewish symbol

should embrace a little bit more Torah