Haiku Stairs: The ILLEGAL Stairway to Heaven

Dan: Don't do it Zack!

Dont do it!

Zack: I'm doin it!!

Dan: Dont jump the fence! Its Illegal!

Dan: Thats a beautiful shot right here...

There's your stairs!

[Classical Piano Music Playing]

Zack: In 1942 on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, The United states Navy constructed a set of

4000 stairs to access a secret radio station on top of the mountains.

This stairway is called the the Haiku Stairs, and accurately nicknamed 'The Stairway to

Heaven', You'll see why in just a second.

[Classical Piano Music Playing]

The radio station at the top of the Haiku stairs was used to communicate with the United

States navy all across the pacific during the 2nd World War.

Initially the Stairs leading to the top of the mountain were made out of wood, but were

replaced in the 1950s by a more structurally secure, metal staircase.

After the war, the radio tower was eventually converted into an Omega navigation system,

which transmitted low frequency radio signals as a kind of old school GPS for ships and


This was also subsequently shutdown when GPS Satellites became more mainstream.

But the beautiful stairway was left in place, and in tact.

Even though the stairs themselves have been closed to the public since 1987, that doesn't

keep people from ignoring no trespassing signs and climbing the stairs themselves to enjoy

this world wonder.

Often, as I personally found out a few years ago, trespassers get cited by the local police

on the way down.

In 2003, the city spent $875,000 repairing the stairs.

But even after that, the constant flow of trespassers, the precarious location, and

the aggressive foliage has left the stairs again in major need of repair..

Unfortunately though, Just last year in 2016, the land owners, the Hawaii Board of Water Supply,

commissioned a team to study the environmental impact of dismantling and removing the Stairway

to Heaven.

That means this hike, and this view, would be inaccessible for future generations.

Taking down the stairs would be removing a one of the most unique and beautiful pieces

of history we have from World War Two.

Personally I think Hawaii could make a huge profit by turning the hike into a lottery

system like California does with The Yosemite Half Dome Hike.

Hawaii would get money for stairway maintenance, and people could participate in one of the most

beautiful hikes in the world... legally.

Do you think the stairs should be removed from the mountain?

Let me know in the comments.

All of this aerial footage you saw was filmed with a DJI Mavic.

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