I Did The StairMaster Everyday For TWO Weeks!! | Before and After Results

I've ever been hey everyone my name is

Angela and welcome back to my channel


so as you can tell from the title of

this video I did the stair masters every

day for two weeks so by two weeks I mean

I did the stair masters every day

literally for 14 days for me this is

like the most I've ever been to the gym

like consecutively I usually go to the

gym about like four to five times a week

since I finished school I've been trying

to dedicate more of my time to being

healthy and going to the gym staying

active and I wanted to challenge myself

so I did this challenge of doing the

stair masters every day for two weeks I

don't know about you guys but when I go

up the stairs even if it's like one

flight of stairs I'm just like out of

breath and for me personally the

Stairmaster is one of the hardest

equipment ever at the gym you know when

I would do the stairmasters I would be

done in like five to ten minutes like I

could not last I was just tired and I

would be sweating so I wanted to

challenge myself into the stair masters

every day and I did do it every day for

thirty minutes and at first I was

thinking to myself like that's crazy

I can barely go up a flight of stairs

without you know being out of breath how

can I do like thirty minutes so I

started on January 8th and that was on a

Wednesday at first I wanted to wait like

the following week so that I can start

on Monday but I was like you know if I

keep pushing and pushing

I probably won't be doing it so I tried

to record myself every day going to the

gym and me starting on the Stairmaster

zin me ending at 30 minutes so I go to

two different gyms I go to Le fitness

and gold's gym I usually go to LA

Fitness after work like if it's the

weekend I would just go to Gold's Gym

because it's like five minutes from my

house even less the stairmasters at LA

Fitness you can change the time of how

long you want to be on the Stairmaster

for but for some reason at Gold's Gym it

wouldn't allow me to change the time it

would only allow me to do it for 20

minutes so I would do 20-minute stop and

then start again to reach 30 minutes so

I did an additional 10 minutes on top so

you'll see later on in this video that

process of me going to the gym and all

of that after I'm done with a gym I

would show you guys my progress every

day I think I didn't film a progress for

one day because I was going out to

dinner with friends I just showered

there and like had to leave because I

was running late recording at the gym

like my progress was so awkward I just

felt so shy doing in front of like other

people I was very shy to show my

progress because you know I'm not

confident and I guess my body and how I

look right now I know you guys don't see

this in the video but I just wanted to

state it now that I do have stretch

marks on my back and a little bit of my

stomach so I've had stretch marks on my

back since I was like in middle school

it's just hereditary very prone to

developing stretch marks so I do have a

little bit on my stomach the weight gain

that I got throughout college so I try

to cover that as much as I can only just

because I felt more comfortable doing

that and showing you guys that I also

want to state that I didn't just do the

Stairmaster I also did like lifting yeah

I just wanted to let you guys know like

that's not the only thing that I did so

I did do like I did incorporate other

things into it so closer to the end of

the last week I was very bloated due to

mother nature if you catch my drift I'm

so proud of myself for honestly going

through and sticking with it because I

didn't think that I was fit or I'm not

even fit but I didn't even think that I

was ready for it but mentally I was like

okay I can do this if I put my mind to

it I can do it and I did it this year I

do really want to incorporate more

fitness and more exercise challenges so

stay tuned I'll probably be doing

another challenge

soon after I finished a challenge I took

a break the next day because I was like

I am tired I'm done

are you done

are you done or she you good

are you okay bro even though this was so

challenging I had so much fun doing it

and I did have a couple friends who try

to do it with me

unfortunately they didn't do the whole

two weeks you know who you guys are

because I know you're watching oh it is

day one of the thirty minutes on the

Stairmaster everyday January and it is

9:44 p.m.




I'm so surprised that I've made it this




it is so nice outside it's 65 degrees

according to my car but it honestly

feels like we made it to the gym it is

day seven I'm so excited to be halfway

done with this challenge I honestly

thought I was going to quit like

honestly like from day three but I kept

pushing and pushing all right I'll see

you guys in there



it is January 16 we made it to the gym


are almost done with the challenge










January first we made it to the gym I

know you guys know what today is

and in today's the last day of this

fricking challenge I'm so freaking

excited we freaking did it let's go

ahead and kill the sauce workout and

I'll see you guys in there I originally

want to do this challenge for a week but

I didn't think that you would see much

of a result in one week so that's why I

push it too - after watching my progress

I saw like more of a difference in my

back especially in like the bra fat

areas I did see a difference in my

stomach and also a little bit in my face

I have like chubby face and I have like

a double chin so like I saw that kind of

like going away a little bit I saw my

like cheeks shrink down a little bit you

know magic doesn't happen overnight so

you know this will be a journey and I'm

excited to do it with you guys and

document it so I hope that this video

you know inspires someone out there to

try this challenge because it's so much

fun just to push yourself I'm honestly

proud of myself and my final results I

mean it's not like it's a drastic

drastic change also I lost seven pounds

in this challenge you guys have any like

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