Outrage over Fort Myers family lobster poaching punishment

a Fort Myers attorney got off easy

that's what some people are saying

tonight about the guy who got caught

poaching lobsters with his sons NBC

tooth Lindsay fries in our studio with

the new details

Peter Stephen Capel and his two sons had

28 lobsters over the legal limit now FWC

tells me it's common to see divers

mistakenly take more than they should

but hiding 28 lobsters on a boat is

surprising and could be a costly risk

Kyle Walt Meyer has died for 17 years he

also manages scuba quest in Cape Coral

where he teaches new divers the laws of

the water FWC has these specific things

that they put out the specific

regulations for a reason which is why he

and other divers are outraged after Fort

Myers attorneys Stephen Koeppel and his

two sons John and Kyle were caught

hiding 28 lobsters on their boat they

definitely should have known better when

I go by the rules and take only what I'm

supposed to take and what none and

somebody else gets away with taking

almost double than what they're supposed

to it's a little offensive

according to FWC during season it's six

lobsters per divert the copal x' had 46

it protects the species a Monroe County

judge sentenced all three to six months

probation a hundred dollar fine plus

court costs a punishment Walt Myers says

doesn't fit the crime I'm blown away

that somebody that can get away with

that many hidden Lobster and basically a

slap on the wrist FWC says the maximum

punishment is up to one year in jail and

a five thousand dollar fine I was

thinking that they were gonna make an

example of them it's definitely unjust

now Walter Meyer worries few will take

the law seriously little as they got I

think there's going to be more people

that actually try and get away with

these things now now I reached out to

the Florida Bar Association who is

investigating the case to find out if

Copa will face any additional

repercussions including being disbarred

now reached out to the attorney for a

comment but did not hear back reporting

live in the studio Lindsey Frey NBC 2