Why a spider is not an insect

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why spiders are not insects spiders are

a fascinating group of arthropods take a

look at a couple insects are also

arthropods and make up the largest group

however spiders are not insects let's

look at why

first insects are arthropods that have

an exoskeleton or a hard shell like

covering on the outside of its body

insects have three main body parts a

head thorax and abdomen insects have a

pair of antennae on top of their heads

insects have three pairs of legs six

totals and they can use these legs for

walking but sometimes an insect may have

a pair of legs that are specifically

designed for jumping many insects have

two pairs of wings that allow them to

fly spiders on the other hand also have

an exoskeleton

however spiders just have two body

regions Assefa thorax and an abdomen the

abdomen is soft in unsegmented while the

cephalothorax is hard and includes a set

of eight legs or four pairs most spiders

have eight eyes compared to most insects

who have two eyes although some insects

have three or four eyes spiders do not

have wings or antenna like many insects

many spiders produce silk for webs and

most have external digestion with

digestion enzymes acting outside of the

body to liquefy the prey all spiders are

predators while many insects eat only

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