Why Ancient Egyptian Statues Are Missing The Nose | February 20, 2020


today's edition of CNN 10 gets off the

ground with four proposed space missions

and they go well beyond the Moon and

Mars I'm Carl azuz at the CNN center

thank you for taking the time to watch

our show NASA the National Aeronautics

and Space Administration has four ideas

that's looking at as possible future

missions two of them with focus on Venus

one of them would explore Jupiter's moon

Io and one of them would fly by

Neptune's moon Triton I keep saying

would because these are just ideas at

this point they'll each be researched by

a team over a period of nine months and

when the final proposals are made NASA

will then decide whether to turn them

into actual missions so what would

scientists hope to learn from all this

as far as Venus goes one thing they're

interested in is its atmosphere which is


another is the planet surface which is

hot enough to melt lead

venus is scorching rocky landscape could

be mapped Jupiter's moon Io is believed

to be the most volcanically active place

in our solar system

so NASA would like to find out more

about the eruptions that happen there

and Triton a moon that orbits Neptune

could also be mapped and studied to see

if there are signs of an ocean beneath

the moon's surface

none of these missions would involve

astronauts robotic spacecraft would be

doing the traveling and of course all of

them would come at a cost

in fact the teams that are assigned

these subjects will each receive three

million dollars just to come up with

their proposals if any of those are

approved for missions space comm says

each one would be limited to a price of

500 million dollars but that doesn't

include the costs of launching the

spacecraft and supporting it while it's

in space and for reference the Juno

mission alone from developing the

spacecraft to getting it off the ground

to processing all of its information was

more than a billion dollars NASA could

choose to give two of these new missions

the greenlight 10-second trivia the

northern and southern kingdoms of what

nation were unified in 3100 BC India

Egypt Persia or Japan

events around the Year 3100 BC resulted

in the unification of ancient Egypt one

thing you might notice when looking at

many statues from ancient Egypt is that

they're missing their noses of course

these artifacts are thousands of years

old someone might think the noses would

be the first things to fall or break off

but a museum curator in New York City

was asked the question so many times

that he started researching why the

noses were missing and he found out that

the faces were defaced on purpose

the reasons are complicated power

struggles between rulers changes in or

disagreements over religion political

division personal grudges all of these

are likely reasons for the damage the

criminal acts the vandalism but why

specifically the noses the curator

suggests that because the nose allows

someone to breathe removing it would

make that impossible and effectively

kill the statue that represents somebody

there are many other ways including

natural ones that these relics decay or

become damaged over the millennia and

ahead of its opening this year the grand

egyptian museum hired a number of

experts to bring artifacts back to

nearly original condition it's a labor

of love

an army of conservationists and

archaeologists are delicately and

skillfully restoring a treasure trove

that's over 3,500 years old


it belongs to Egypt's Pharaoh due to


better known as King Tut this facility

seventeen laboratories are being used to

restore up to 50,000 artifacts of this

nation's most precious relics up to 40

Japanese experts are overseeing this

vast conservation project from training

local personnel to use in their own

high-tech equipment the technologies we

brought for this project is like x-ray

radiography 3d scanning and also like

high spec digital microscope which can

do the investigation without destruction

the glass over here is fantastic because

the visitor once in the galleries can

see the face of the statue of ramses ii

egypt's treasures are being restored for

their new home next door a 1 billion

dollar museum at the edge of the ancient

Pyramids of Giza the ganesha museum will

show more than 20,000 artifacts that

have never been on this day before they

were hidden in storerooms in magazines

of the egyptian museum at cairo from in

storage facilities all over egypt more

than 7,000 construction workers are

building this massive museum thanks to a

loan of 750 million dollars from the

Japanese government it includes a

conference center which can house up to

1,000 participants of a conference it

has a cinema theater which can have up

to 500 visitors and it has about 28

shops and more than 10 restaurants it

has really a potential of being the

resource for more tourism after the

conservation work it will attract more

people to the museum and I think I will

really contribute to this industry

touristic industry in the future

Business News some American retail

companies are just now reporting what

their sales were like for the 2019

holiday shopping season and at least

four brick-and-mortar retailers

companies with physical stores it wasn't

great Walmart is the biggest retail

company in America it says in the few

weeks before Christmas there was quote

softness in sales of toys video games

and clothing it did see growth at its

stores and websites that had been open

for at least a year but the increase

wasn't as big as investors expected part

of the reason for this Thanksgiving fell

later in November than usual there were

six fewer days between that holiday and

Christmas that gave Americans less time

to spend money and Walmart's not alone

Target Kohl's Bed Bath and Beyond they

all struggled last season we told you

yesterday how Macy's plans to close 125

stores in the three years ahead there

were exceptions though Costco did well

t.j.maxx had good sales and Amazon had

what one business writer described as a

blowout holiday stretch

despite its disappointing Christmas

sales Walmart said its largest business

groceries is doing well and the company

expects a strong year ahead it's been

able to survive and thrive in the age of

Amazon and it's made a number of changes

to do it online grocery pickup and

delivery as part of that there are also

changes taking place in Walmart stores

themselves but it's hard to say what the

overall impact of robots will be



our last story this Thursday is about a

match made in heaven dog heaven honey

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rescue mutts in South Carolina and

apparently they have a lot in common

they both love treats and they're both

dogs so with costumes custom tailored

for the occasion and a ceremony attended

by close human family and friends honey

and Duke were officially united as dog

and wife and the dessert truly took the

cake to heal and to hold from this dog

forward for Barker or worse guess you

could call that how Lillie matrimony

they might have a leg up on human

weddings unless they needed a pre pup

xual agreement but we wonder what the

groom will do when he sees his first

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