The Space Between Us: Movie Review

Does The Space Between Us deliver interplanetary thrills?

A few, but this one’s really all about the romance.

"I'm out of here the second I turn 18." "I just wish I could go with you."

In this sci-fi drama, a teen boy born and raised on Mars,

comes to Earth to meet a girl and track down his long-lost dad.

"This is my father. You're gonna help me find him."

While the love story here is romantic, things never get too racy.

Think kissing and one scene with a little bare skin.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

As for danger, there are a couple of chases and crashes, an explosion,

and a potentially upsetting hospital scene.

"His heart can't handle our gravity!"

Bottom line: This sweet story celebrates the power of relationships.

"This is my life!"

Common Sense says “The Space Between Us” is okay for kids 12 and up.

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