Why is Antarctica the South Pole colder than the Arctic the North Pole? Even though... 3D Animation

The Arctic, also the North Pole, has an average winter temperature of -40 degree Celsius,

which is -40 in Fahrenheit.

The Coldest recorded temperature here is -68 degree Celsius – 90 in Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, Antarctica which contains the South Pole, has the average winter temperature

of – 89 degree Celsius which is -128 in Fahrenheit.

Both the poles don’t receive any direct sunlight for months.

Majority of the time the Sun is below the horizon, the days there are just like nights.

Sheer cold, bleak & dark.

Both the poles receive almost the same amount of sunlight.

But still, Antarctica is a lot colder than the Arctic.


Let’s find out.

The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, parts of Alaska & nearby countries like

Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Norway, Russia & Sweden.

Major part of the Arctic Ocean is surrounded by land.

The ocean under the Arctic ice despite being cold is still warmer than the ice.

The salty ocean water acts as a heat source, warms up the area around.

It also draws heat from the atmosphere during the summers.

On the contrary, Antarctica is solid ice & has got elevation.

On average it’s the coldest, driest, windiest & has the highest elevation of all the continents.

The continent has got high mountains & 98% of it is covered by ice.

Land loses heat a lot faster than the water, we are well aware of this.

Also, the temperature tends to drop as the elevation increases.

The higher we go, the colder it gets.

The continent also has a pretty strong wind current, it keeps the place isolated from

the intrusion of external warm air.

These reasons account for the severe temperature drops in the South Pole & make Antarctica

a lot colder than the Arctic.

These are also the reason Antarctica has a slower melting rate in comparison to the Arctic

as an effect of the continual rise in the global temperatures.

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