How to fix sound problem on any android


assalamu alaikum and welcome to solution

nurse in this video i am going to show

you how to fix sound problem on any

android device so without wasting any

time let's get started

the problem occurs sometime on android

that when we want to play a song or with

you on all Android phone then song or

video is playing but we do not receive

the audio or sound from it to fix this

problem you do not need to reset your

Android device mostly people does it

which is a wrong method then also they

lost their data to to fix this issue you

simply must go to settings in here

search for apps or help manager click on

apps now in here

I tried talk on click on the menu icon

and here simply click on reset have

preferences and now click on reset apps

after this go back to main menu settings

now here search for storage click on

storage now click on internal storage

now here word for calculating the cache



after calculation here you can see the

case that is a lot click on cash data

and here you can see this will clear

cache data for all and we want it click

on OK after this restart your android

phone and your problem will be solved so

this is the easy method to solve sound

problem on any android device and you do

not need to reset your phone hope you

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