How to fix no sound on cable tv channels Review

hit TV first and then video source

button right here yeah it's a video

source button and then pulls up that

menu I labeled all your inputs to make

it easier so every time you hit video

source button

I'll toggle it right there cable you

just keep on hitting that alright so if

you don't have no volume you don't hear

anything what you want to do is hit

audio because yet they ask what device

to do what come in and the command is

volume up volume up volume up there's a

good then there is a fault oh yeah yeah

I know how to do it you have to turn the

cable box off and on cable box off

alright and then hit cable power

see the bottom patrol is working it's

just Makeda signal it was an error in

cable box so no reason to get rid of

that cable box yeah it's another reason

is it was a software glitch when you

change inputs it didn't toggle the

volume but yeah just turn off the cable

box turn it back on the fix that problem

oh and you can also hit audio power to

turn off the bose sound bar and the way

i have connected you can actually use

both you can use the TV and volume up so

would you ever use voltar to work

together sometimes you get echo but you

could try let's say let's see if you get

a echo what do you think audio whoever

they are online whatever that thing is

how do you feel

anyway you're a good morning class for

your cheek