High definition movies wont play sound on my Android device: FIX!

hey guys and welcome back to QE dick

today we're looking at the media players

and you may have noticed that M cavies

if they have DTS or AAC audio encoding

they don't seem to want to play sound

like I will now play this video using

the default media player star trek into


we'll see that the default media player

within my system which is the

experienced in ultra ads won't play in

nkv file with the audio encoding - this

one which is AAC now a computer this

mpeg-4 which plays just fine so that in

p4 play fine but the nkv didn't work

that it did the sounds in play so how to

get around that well we need to use an

application called dice player and as we

can tell this will play just fine and

even a 4k videos with sound plays fine

so going to play store and do a search

for dice player you can see there's dice

player and the play store that's what it

will look like and it will play all

audio codecs even up to 4k or video so

the hardware decodes video and audio up

to 4k so get into it this has been QA

tech I'll even put a link in the

descriptions you can download it

directly it is a free app on the Play

Store so download it