How to Fix Sound Distortion Problem in Windows 10 Laptop/PC

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again hope y'all are doing well I'm MJ

in this video I'll show you how to fix

song distillation issues in Windows 10

laptop or PC I shoulda easy stop so

first here you can see the speaker icon

just right click on here and then click

on playback devices and here you will

find the option and select on speaker

then click on properties and here click

on enhancements ok and if anything

selected here like this if anything

selected here just uncheck this one ok

uncheck uncheck and then select T

disable also effect and then apply ok so

the first better okay and the next

method is again go to job speaker and

then property here go to advanced and in

the playback here default format you

should be select 24-bit 48-thousand like

this sound quality or if we can choose

24-bit 44100 it still the quality you

can choose one of them so first select

48 and then try it if it's better then

leave it on if you still facing problem

then change it to 4400 like this it's

very easy yeah so hope this will fix if

you are still facing the problem are

then you need to update your sound

driver just going to this PC manage and

first uninstall the driver and then

reinstall again these solid work are to

travel for your Windows PC like this

device manager and with our do here you

can see the audio click here you can

uninstall this and then and install

again if you have backup then yourself

on the backup and if you don't have the

backup update from the on line like this

ok so these are two or three way to fix

this problem hope this will help you

thank for watching catch in next video

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