Beautiful Science - Why does the sky change color at sunset?

if you were to look up at the sky on a

clear day you will notice the Sun is

yellowish and the sky blue but as the

Sun lowers on the horizon the color of

the Sun and the sky can change

dramatically to red orange and yellow

hues but why does this happen the light

from the Sun is white but actually

consists of the seven colored waves red

orange yellow green blue indigo and

violet if we were to look at the Sun

from space it would always appear white

but on earth the atmosphere scatters

some of the light waves coming from it

this is called Rayleigh scattering and

effects what color we perceive the sky

in Sun as the waves at the red end of

the spectrum are longer and at the blue

end shorter this means blue waves are

more likely to hit particles in the

atmosphere and scatter hence why during

the day we see the sky is blue the Sun

will appear yellowish as the combination

of the color wavelengths that make it

through easier like red and green that

combine to make yellow light at high

noon the Sun may also appear white as

the white light coming directly from the

Sun has the least distance to travel

through the atmosphere and less chance

to bounce off particles we explain why

the sky is blue in detail in another

video you can find in the description

below and at the end of this video

as the Sun sets in our sky the light has

a longer distance to travel through the

atmosphere the blue light starts

scattering so much that the light does

not end up reaching us the light in the

yellow orange and red wavelengths have

more chances to scatter on the slightly

longer journey while still making it

through to our eyes the lower the sunset

the more dominant longer wavelengths

will become this is why the colors of

sunsets get deeper as the Sun sets more

on the horizon turning from yellow into

orange and finally mainly just red hues

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