Just how BRIGHT is the Ottawa Senators FUTURE? (Ft Top Shelf Hockey/ Brightest Futures in NHL)

hello guys welcome back to the channel

and today we are continuing the series

we are at episode four

of nhl teams with the brightest futures

in all of the league and today we are

discussing the ottawa sanders probably

the most talked about team

as of late between the draft and

everything that's transpired with them

in their complete rebuild

and it's needless to say that their

future is brighter than almost if not

all teams currently in the nhl

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but without further ado we're going to

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everything there is to know what the

sense team

this current um this current team what

has transpired with them over this past


how they have fared of recent all the

off-season acquisitions who

has left the roster who has been gained

on the roster their prospect pool and

why everything shapes up for them to

have one of the most promising features

on the nhl

without further ado let's get right into

this video

okay all right thanks so much again mike

for coming on the channel means a lot um

especially when i was thinking about the

ottawa senators i thought of you right

away you know you

from everything that i've seen with your

content you have been spot on always

having the senator's jerseys in the

background you know you're definitely a

die hard centers fan so

i thought you would be perfect to come

on here and if you just want to give a

breakdown about yourself some more

before we get started please go right


sure well thanks very much for having me

on i appreciate the opportunity to talk

to some senators of course as you said

i've been on youtube now for i think

about three years

or just over three years now and even

though i am a pretty die-hard sense fan

i don't really talk about it a whole lot

i try to focus on the whole league so

some of my longer term subscribers and

viewers know i'm a sense fan because

we've talked about it through live

streams or

uh different parts in the comment

section or sometimes when i do discuss

the senators i do kind of

show my fandom a little bit but

obviously uh you know a lot of newer

viewers really don't even really know

who my favorite team is i don't get into

it a lot i don't want to show any biases

and all that so

certainly uh a team that i follow quite

closely for an extended period of time


like to consider myself an expert i

guess we'll see just how much of an

expert i am here but obviously

like i said i cover all 31 teams soon to

be 32

uh we cover daily content keep you up to

date with all the latest news rumors

prospects draft

pretty much everything under the sun uh

i said we usually get at least one video

a day sometimes two or three just

depends on

how busy the news cycle is and uh

obviously like i said we have a

a community in the hockey youtube world

has grown substantially

uh and even like newer folks like tyler

here who's you know growing at a good

rate as well i'm sure this current

return to play and playoffs has been

very kind to you as well for

giving you some exposure and there's

certainly like i said since when i first

started it's crazy how many more people

have popped up

and it's just making it that much better

and more great people to talk about the

the game we love and more

great people to talk about uh and work

with like in scenarios like this as well

yeah yeah no i completely agree you know

i've been fortunate enough to gain a

relationship with you over this past

year as well

same thing with a lot of other hockey

youtubers but you know this has been

awesome and when we look at the ottawa


i think what we can touch on really

before we break down you know what has

happened with them this past season and

their offseason moves in the draft

let's just talk about what has happened

because over the past hour so

alex galchenyuk finally another free

agent has been signed and he goes to the

centers now

personally i had the assumption that he

was going to go the sense and i'm not

saying this

as a joke or anything it just seemed

like the perfect fit for him knowing he

can get

an increased role better opportunity

with a great

up and coming team along with danov in

that offense too so it's not like they

don't have any veteran leadership

they're definitely starting to gain it

and gal chanyak really brings so much

elements to this ottawa center's team

hoping to rekindle the kind of

production that he had in his time in

montreal on a one-year deal

just over one mil i believe 1.05 what

are your initial thoughts because that

literally just happened at the time of

recording this

i i personally i love it i mean i'm not

a huge galgenic fan by any means but i

i've seen that potential in the past and

this is a pretty low risk deal

for a one-year contract just over a

million bucks a lot of people forget how

young he is he's only 26

i know it's crazy he came into the nhl

right out of the get-go former number

three overall pick by the hams

scored 30 goals i mean theoretically you

could probably say he's like also a

three-time 20 goal scorer he had 19

twice but you know

whatever i believe he had five straight

seasons with the halves without at least

40 points

yeah he did if you didn't offensive now

in montreal they couldn't decide what

the heck he was like is he a center is

he a winger

is he uh what is he they couldn't figure

that out but he did well in the power


uh you know he came in with a lot of

potential and really like

i i kind of figured they were going to

add another uh

another winger or another forward of

some kind just to kind of create a

little bit more experience in there

based on what else has transpired this

offseason especially

somewhat surprising that they couldn't

get instantly declared to come back

um yeah i think yeah he has the

potential to be

the next do claire in autobahn i

completely agree

he could have that same kind and you

know what if he doesn't so

so be it right i mean it's no risk here

it's one year million bucks

veteran contract on a guy who's young

enough and if he finds his game and gets

chemistry with

the other young guys on the team he

could work out to be a great player for

a long time so

it's a no risk move i i have no issues

with it at all

and uh and in fact i'm i'm nice to see

your peer dorian going out

and taking a chance on a player like

this yeah i completely agree and

that's a great point to bring up to

claire and we can transition into his

situation as well because

obviously gal cheney are coming in on

this one-year deal with literally no

cappet it's just a win-win scenario for

both sides because

if as you mentioned gal chania thrives

in this new offense you know

with so many great young talent

currently in there along with the

prospect pool that's going to be

emerging starting next year

you have this all gelled together he's

going to obviously have an increased

role in this top six this top nine and

if things bode well he could very well

sign a longer term deal with the cents


two three four four years maybe all

depends on his production

and if so he wants to say hit the market


this very well could help his stock

knowing the amount of opportunities that

he's sure to get

in this offense so again similar to

declaring that sense declare i loved his

time in ottawa you know because

i'm personally when it comes to favorite

teams i'm a rangers fan so i've always

been a declare follower

throughout his career you know he's been

very controversial when it comes to his

attitude issues which

seems to be the reason why he's been on

five teams in his young career which is

just absurd

but i know that he is representing

himself now and he definitely feels that

he's worth more than what the centers

were even willing to get him

because they didn't even get to the

point of going to arbitration or

anything like that he went from rfa to

ufa which is not common

but it did become more apparent this

year given the flat cap so

do claire is a guy that i really hope

the best for it was unfortunate to see

him leave ottawa just because

i really believed he would continue to

get a strong opportunity there which

could help his stock

say more long-term and being more

consistent so that left me a little bit

of a head scratcher but obviously both

sides have their reasons at the end of

the day

and um what are your initial thoughts

outside of what you've already touched


well basically the end of it declares

looking for too much money i mean he

he did have a great year he got a great

opportunity it worked he thrived we saw

the player we thought he would be when

he was drafted for the most part

really outside of his rookie year in uh

in arizona like he hasn't really

put together much consistency at all and

he found that last year

and on a young team with lots of cop

space like you said

it was a head scratcher but now that

we've kind of found out that he's


upwards of four to five million dollars

i'm glad ottawa said

that's okay you go you go test the

market because

he scored 20 i can't remember how much

22 23 goals whatever it was but like

he had like bulk of those in the first

half and then he went

like 20 to 30 games yeah he's very


and he wasn't um wasn't for lack of

effort he did have some bad puck luck i

mean trust me i've seen every game so i

can tell you

probably even how many times the guy

even hit the post for god's sakes like


he had some terrible luck but at the

same time like he just a streaky score

and you can't

do that for one year and expect to be

you know just

rolling on the cash here so i i honestly

think if a guy like dad knows getting

three years at five million who's

way more established then declare


is not gonna get anywhere near that they

apparently offered him i believe it was

rumored to be around two years at three


yeah and to me that that was more than

fair and i'm surprised he didn't take it

i'm surprised he get rid of his agent

i'm just not sure what he's thinking and

if he's gonna go back down the road of

having these issues then

he's just gonna screw himself longer

term i just he's gonna end up

struggling to find anywhere else who's

gonna take him and he's gonna get weight

less than he wanted and it's just


it's it does seem that way at this point

in time at least and

and i can give him the benefit of the

doubt when it comes to consistency to an

extent just because he has been dealt

numerous times he really hasn't had a

situation where he's been with the team

for more than

three years per se to really hone in on

his game and feel comfortable in an


but at the same time there is a factor

when it comes to him at the end of the

day whether it's just

his consistent compete level i knew back

when he was in juniors for instance

he had some definitely buying heads when

he was with the quebec rem parts because

i followed him intensely during the time

when he was in junior

when not showing up to say practices or

games which really rubbed things the

wrong way at that point so

that very well could go into it it could

be more of a character thing i'm not

sure but again

it does seem best for both sides now uh

that they part ways and hopefully for

his sake he can figure out what he's

doing because

like you touched on we really don't know

but when it comes to the ottawa centers

and how they did this past year


they're one of the worst teams in the

nhl as expected but they made a lot of

major strides with the younger guys in


lineup bigger ones i think many imagine

depending on the player

and when you look at exactly how they

did when it comes to point production

obviously bray could shock

who is just a phenomenal player and

really in a class of his own

at this point in time because you know

the age of the power forward is really a

has been in today's nhl

so kachuk is really in a small group of

people along with his brother to an

extent even though he's bigger stature

than his brother

just similar game you know he had

another great year his sophomore year 44

points i think just one point off of his

rookie year so consistent

then you have connor brown obviously who

has been a great glue guy in this ottawa

center's lineup

great two-way forward 43 points thomas

shabbat 39 points a little down in the

production but

shabbat still so young and he's dealing

with an offense that isn't necessarily

stellar by any means

so i you have to give him the benefit of

the doubt there um chris tierney who is

a guy that i thought could very well be

traded because i have heard a lot of

rumors with tyranny

as to what his future would hold in

ottawa just given um

his age obviously being an rfa i think

he's 26 but

they landed extension with him he had

another solid year with 37 points

then you have guys like colin white who

i'm really interested what your thoughts

will be on him

in a minute he had 23 points last year

in a limited role with ottawa

artem anisimov obviously i know an easy

mob 20 points you shouldn't expect too

much from him

he's just a filler at this point in time

and then guys like um nick

paul who has definitely um been

surprising to say the least he really

wasn't expected to do much

at the nhl level i think he's doing

beyond expectations even with just 20


and then you get down the list of

defensemen you know nikita zaitsev

mike riley these are guys that are you

know fringe nhl defenseman that are

currently fillers

um and then you get guys like drake

batharson who i'm in

absolutely love with his game is

ridiculous especially for being a fourth

round pick

we'll touch on him more 10 points in 23

games logan brown

another big big-bodied um centerman they

have so many big bodies when you look at

this young core group as well

which just shows how mean the auto

centers are going to be sooner than

later at eight points in 23 games

and then brandt's room just had a cup of

coffee when it comes to points four

points in 31 games

got more experience in the nhl this year

and then when it comes to the

goaltenders obviously you have nielsen

and hoberg

and going forward we will have nielsen

and murray obviously and

those are all the guys are currently

still on the lineup that i touched on

and then i'll get to momentarily the

guys that have departed since then


guys like jg pagio and declare

especially were key contributors in in

their offense this past year

yes indeed i mean they've had a lot of

turnover there i mean obviously like i

said brittany could chuck at the top

here is

is a big priority he's going to be

entering the final year of his entry

level deal

i was really hoping we'd see an

extension ahead of time to get ahead of

it here but i can understand from

czech's perspective that with a flat cap

he's not going to get the money he

probably was hoping for

i would have liked to see him do like a

shabbat style deal really

you know heading into the final year of

the elc that he did you know the big

long term

extension but uh that's not going to

happen for a lot of players now and it's

not even

regardless of appetite of team or player

it's just not

something we're likely to see given the

economics of the league right now but

uh obviously there was a lot of turnover

to check by far the leader of this team

i think he's gonna be the future captain

at least that would be my pick

and like he said with shabbat his

numbers were down but like he said

look who's you know he's a great puck

mover terrific skater he's a

they call him a cardio freak he can play

30 minutes a game if he needs to just

strap a little

option tank on him and he'll go all

night but um

you know when you're passing the puck up

the guys that can't score you're not

going to rack up the assist like you

once would have

it's rosters exactly especially when the

lie up is constantly interchanging with

guys either being thrown in or thrown

out so

but i think when it comes to guys

currently in the lab you know outside of


what are your initial thoughts on guys

like logan brown and colin white

especially because they're really

intriguing to me these are obviously

higher draft picks over these past

couple years that

really haven't become full nhl mainstays

yet i you can make the argument

obviously with white because

isn't i believe he's the one who at

least had a 40-point season with the

sends correct

yes i'll be right back so cool okay

we're good

yeah so we'll call colin white colin

white and logan brown are both

intriguing pieces of the future i mean

we saw white get a longer term deal

um he just hasn't been consistent

battles of injuries too which hasn't

been you know helping matters but

there's still

for me it's up for debate and whether or

not he's a center

or a winger i mean he may have to be a

winger because i'm not sure that

he's really going to be that number two

or you know the top six center iceman

that i think they were kind of hoping


um but obviously you can tell that the

uh the sens and pier dorian and his


they love those us-born players that go

through the u.s national team

development program they've got a ton of


a lot of them are good buddies too which

is you know good in a way for building

team chemistry they all know each other

like jack and white norris etc

brown but like with white i don't know

i'm not really sure what to think of him

at this point i was really happy to see

that contract when he first got it

because he had a ton of potential

and it was just something that the fan

base kind of needed just to show

some something positive that you know

somebody's going to stick around after

all the departures

and we saw shabbat get his contract next

after that and it was kind of

you know some good positive signs that

they're linking uh some of their


prospects being longer two members of

the roster but then you see

uh you know last year just it wasn't

really great for white so

i'm a little bit torn up in the air when

it comes to logan brown he's huge i mean

he's i was six five six six he's a

massive guy he gets around the ice okay

like pretty good for his size

i mean obviously his dad jeff brown was

a long time nhl defenseman

uh somebody who the sends organization

got to watch a lot closely to

and i think that he needs to get more of

an opportunity this is a crucial year

for his development

i think regardless of what they think of

him in training camp they need to get

him in the lineup

and they need to give him a shot like

when he has played i thought he's been


but obviously there's so many prospects

now that he's got a lot of

other younger guys to compete with and

it's it's a make or break year i think

for logan brown

i think uh he has the potential i don't

see him again being that number one

center but i think he could be a good

number two he's got the huge size

if he can work on his face off and needs

to work on his foot speed which is

something that he's

been focusing on or since he's been

drafted um

i i think they still have potential to

be big parts of the future

but there is certainly some concern at

the same time with

the fact that they haven't developed as

quickly and as as much as you kind of

would have hoped

yeah yeah no i i completely agree

because when you look at what um

what brown has done he's not in the same

spot that he was in these past couple

years where he had better opportunity

and maybe didn't take

you know the full advantage of it if you

will because now you have the sends team


we all know how their prospect pulls and

we will break that down

big time in a second um but now they're

in a situation where they have more

centers and just forwards and they know


what to do with truly when it comes to

you know being a level prospect so

you're right i real i would agree that

brown is probably on the verge of being

a make or break

year just because the sends do not need

all of their higher tier prospects to

pan out in order to have great success

over this next decade

and that's huge hats off to them and

what doreen has been able to do over

these past couple years you know

things in my opinion i think we can all

agree that didn't start off hot when

this rebuild began

but over when it comes to their drafting

especially and getting some luck along

the way they have definitely

been taking great advantage of the

opportunities that presented themselves

and that and that all goes in hand

with um exactly how they have done not

just now but going forward

and when you also look at now exactly

who has been departed and who has come

into the

lineup over this past year either

through the offseason or the trade

deadline let's just

summarize that real quick for anyone

that is possibly forgetting or doesn't


you have jg pajeo obviously the longtime

sen as a rangers fan i don't love jg

pajo just giving those

playoff performances get ptsd from 2016.

but nonetheless he's been fantastic he's

just a grinder and he's doing great with

the islanders now but that was a great


on the um centers part gain that first

round pick especially and the other


awesome and then declare leaves

obviously they both had 40 points a

piece this last year so that's 80 points

out of the sends lineup so that just

shows you that those guys were pivotal

of course

tyler ennis really reestablished himself

in an increased role with ottawa with 33

points goes to edmonton

and uh vladislav nemestakov we both know

him well he had 25 points

playing um in his time with ottawa and

then he also was playing with the

avalanche now he's with detroit

mark boriaki who i'm a big fan of um he

was a guy who i

thought for the sensei could be best to

try to keep him a little bit longer just

because he's a great locker room guy on

and off the ice and he's really strong

defensively you know i think he gets

overlooked quite a bit

um him going to nashville will be very

strong for him he had 18 points

ron hazy ron haines he's still playing

he's crazy i feel like he's been playing

literally forever

12 points he goes off um in for agency


dylan demello who was very solid in his

short stint with ottawa

puck moving defenseman is winnipeg um

had 10 points and then you have other

guys too whether it be the likes of

bobby ryan who we know the story there

just seemed best to part ways um but

he's with detroit now and then jace

howard look who just had a cup of coffee

with the senators as well for the most

part but when you look at those guys

departed and then you look at who they

brought in i think the cents have

definitely had a strong offseason to

save the least

you bring in josh brown a young

controllable defenseman from the

panthers for just a draft pick

can't go wrong because he was a pending

rfa at the time as we know then you have

gay danov who i don't think any expected

to go to the centers i surely didn't

um i think that would be great if he

looks just a thought of him in that new

sense jersey or the old one if you will

i think it looks really nice

but he's going to get a huge huge

opportunities with ottawa

and i think it just goes to show that he

wants to be in a situation where he's


and he clearly sees what ottawa is doing

and thinks it's a strong direction

because he's signed to believe it was a

three-year deal

so he's not in a rush to say being a win

now stage and he very well

could help out these guys tremendously

these younger guys coming in the lineup

especially europeans that are going to

be in this lap as well he will be able

to help them with that intellect aspect

among other things but

danov has been one of the better

forwards in the entire nhl

had a little bit of down year like

hoffman this year but just he's just a

year removed from his career high of 70

points so

the future is definitely bright for him

in ottawa and then you get a guys like

erica branson we all know gubernance and

he's going to be a filler in that

defense obviously coming from anaheim

matt murray in that trade of day two the

draft for uh the second round pick and i

believe a couple picks if it wasn't just


that was a very strong move for ottawa

yes they do have them on kind of a big

aav if you will but they get a young

controllable goaltender that has plenty

of success

back-to-back stanley cups and really in

my mind is the perfect

type of goaltender ottawa could have

received in this full rebuild right now

with a guy that isn't say going to be

there short term so that will bold them

well in my opinion

and then obviously and we'll touch on it

in a sec when it comes to the draft

picks but

what are your initial thoughts on what

they have done this off season when it

comes to just free agency and the trades

that they made

well i mean i was uh i was quite happy

with the murray trade

uh i i was happy to see them get

somebody who can kind of put some

stability in the net i mean they're

coming off

having craig anderson there for geez

what was he he was there a long time

remember exactly how many years it was

78 years old

seemed like forever for the most part he

was a really good goalie really

stabilized things it was a great pickup

but the last year or two you could tell

he was losing his touch and it was

it was coming to the end for him he just

didn't have it anymore

and he couldn't take that 40 to 50 shot

load that young defense was giving up in

front of him either so exactly nice to

see them get a guy like murray to

stabilize things

um they did have to i think had to

overpay a little bit on the contract

to uh convince them to sign longer terms

obviously that was their intent i

kind of thought it might be closer to

five five

i'd probably say they overpaid by about

a million bucks but yeah i agree

they have lots of space and i guess they

can afford to take that chance so

i'm hoping you know i still have

nightmares from the 2017 eastern

conference double overtime game seven

final there so well i i have nightmares

from like the round

or so before that so the fact that

murray's on our side now is

you know i guess we'll take it but um

you know that was uh oh

i'll never forget that game that's for

sure but that was a

a good acquisition except but they did

overpay a bit

um when it comes to i mean obviously

pajaro went into the deadline and

originally i was i wasn't real thrilled

i was really hoping he'd stick around

actually i don't know if you can see how

on camera

oh there you go i love the oh jerseys

too those and the um the uh

the cream beige ones those are probably

mine yeah yeah the one from the uh

the outdoor game they uh i mean but you

know what they got a great return as

much as i was sad to see pajaro go like

the return was

was pretty solid i guess we'll see

longer term if those picks work out but

you know the fact of what they got i was

like okay i can deal with it at least

they didn't give them up for

for nothing uh so i mean that was kind

of sad to see bobby ryan go i mean i

understand from

strictly from a numbers game he's just

such an easy guy to cheer for he's had

such a rough goal

uh in his lifetime uh everything with

you as a child to

you know what he had to go through in

the past year or so battling the alcohol

issue and coming back

and you know i guess in a way like i get

it i wasn't sad about that just you know

it's like

he's just an easy guy to like and cheer

for but and i commend him for how open

he's been because that's not an easy

thing to do

for any any person let alone an athlete


that was huge props to him who really

let the public know because i

i sure as heck didn't know the actual

internal battles he's been dealing with

because when you look at bobby ryan on


when he was traded to ottawa initially

oh you think wow we really got ourselves

a top six winner that's going to make a

huge impact but

things just didn't go as planned

obviously and for a good reason because

we know now

but i wish him nothing but the best i

think he'll just thrive

and a similar role really than with

ottawa now with detroit

absolutely seeing the thing with ryan

too like he

uh i mean of course that's when brian

murray was still gm we

lost danny alfordson in to detroit of

all teams

um and then they they pulled off the

bobby ryan trade i think it was either

same day next day

so it was like you know okay well it

kind of made dealing with the alfreds

and lots a little bit easier

uh and you know he came in and tons of

potential had a hard time finding a

center iceman to gel with but you know

it just

it didn't work he had so many injuries

the guys had the worst luck in the world

like his fingers are going to be so

arthritic when he's old

uh because he's had so many broken

fingers and broken hands and injuries

it's ridiculous

like the puck has i think he must have

magnets in his hand i don't know what it

is it's

so crazy to see bobby ryan get hurt as

many times and

unfortunately in pro sports and pro

athletes you you know darn well

there unfortunately are times that they

do get addicted to whether it be alcohol

pain meds

and a combination whether it's dealing

with injuries and pain or

whether it's you know something a

different kind of issue like

you know like a mental issue or anything

like that there's all kinds of things

that can

be going on and personally that we have

no idea about so

like i said he's just an easy guy to

cheer for after he went through so it's

kind of sad but at the same time

he'll get a better opportunity in

detroit and i hope he can get his career

back on track there

um not real shocked that boriski left i

know a lot of people were

disappointed and i i kind of wasn't away

because he's great in the community

real good when it comes to working with

a lot of different organizations

um you know when it comes to charities

and different stuff and

in the ottawa area so that part is

unfortunate but he misses a ton of time

he plays a

really hard style of hockey as we know

not afraid to drop the gloves battle

numerous concussions

he's on the wrong side of 30 now and he

wanted more term and i think he expected

it because of his loyalty and

you know what maybe he had a point uh

we'll see um but ultimately

from my understanding of negotiations he

wanted more term and

not so much i don't think it was more

about money it was more of a term that

that they were willing to give i think

they were willing to keep them at one


but he was obviously able to get more

term in nashville and uh things kind of

work out we'll see he can play

uh you know a little bit lower roll

there kind of fly into the radar

whatever but obviously they brought in

guys like branson and brown which you're

really like said i don't see well

branson's definitely a filler

brown might have a longer term uh

potential and then they get them on

relatively easy contracts but i mean

obviously there's a lot of guys a lot

like i said when you come to declare

that was

a head scratcher but if he wants to try

to get himself paid that much

that's unfortunate but i think he's a

guy that can be replaced

um and so they've had a busy time

bringing in other

other players like the dad knock

contract i thought was phenomenal to get

him at three years five million

uh after what he's established i was

like i was i didn't see that coming at


like when i seen the news dead off to

the senators i was like

whoa wow like seriously they were able

to get themselves a

legit bonafide top six winger who

has that you know 50 to 70 point

potential like oh for sure especially

just given the all

all the opportunities he's sure to have

in this offense you know the sky's gonna

be the limit for him over these next

couple years and he's gonna probably

just have fun

knowing that yes i know that he didn't

necessarily have a lot of pressure on

his back in florida

before it wasn't a situation where they

were constantly trying to contend for

playoffs each year while he was there

for the most part

then when you have the sends in this

equation now there's absolutely no

pressure on him just to do anything but

just plays game and he's going to do

just that so i'm really excited to see

what he's going to do

with the sends especially out of all

these acquisitions

yeah i totally agree i'm very and i

think like he can kind of he seems to be

comfortable on either wing too so

there's a lot of flexibility and where

you can put them i mean i could see you

know him and kenchuck being your your

first flying wingers

um you know right now like it's hard to

say who's going to be that

1c because a lot of it's going to depend

on how training camp goes like

um you know will newly drafted team tim

stoots will be that guy i'm not sure if

he'll be that guy in the first year but

a longer term it could be but like you

got like you said guys we already

touched on like white and brown

even chris tierney at times has had to

be that guy even though he's not

really suited for it i mean he's more of

a ideally a number three sometimes a

four but

uh you know and but dadnov is gonna just

inject that that solid bonafide guy like

now at least they have a few

uh players in the top six that are well

established and you know

can contribute and put up some goals so

it won't be such a

such a low scoring team i mean you know

when you take declare out of the picture

but you put dadden off in there you

throw in a guy like el cheniac and you

know what i'm probably gonna end up with

more goals than they had before since

it's only gonna be

you know better there's no way things

are at least realistically shouldn't be

a way to get worse on paper here yeah

yeah no exactly

and um i think i think i it's now a

perfect time to really branch off into

this prospect pool because we could

i know i could go hours on end with you

just in that topic alone

but um if you had a guess as of right

now between players on the roster

and prospects on the come up how many

players would you say

are first-round picks because i have the

answer i want to know if you know

there are guys that could very well all

have key roles in this sends lie up over

these next couple years

well let's see let me think here okay i

know we've got shabbat

we've got kachuk we've got uh

uh well branch from one i believe branch

was a first runner for vegas

before they fired him and he got logan

brown was a first rounder josh norris i

believe was

the sharks first rounder before he was

treated if i'm remembering correctly

um let's see here we've got uh

there's a there's a lease on colin white

he was a first round pick

uh i didn't know we're gonna be playing

a trivia game but uh

there's at least six or seven right now

depending on who you're including in

your list

yeah uh well i think when it comes to

just you know current guys on the roster

and key prospects there's literally 10

which is just absurd because a lot of

these guys have so much potential like


there's a difference when you just draft

in the first round and you know you get

a guy that you're not really sure how i

was gonna pan out there's a lot of guys

here that

whether it's in the first round beyond

there's a lot of potential with but

let's just start off with the draft

obviously the senators didn't get the

first round pit the first overall pick


you would think would happen then or

detroit you know like as a rangers fan

i'm not complaining

but i did feel bad especially for

detroit it just felt like it would be

their year

so trust me this has been unprecedented

or no one expected that i sure

i surely didn't um but regardless they

still have that three and five pick and

i thought they did very well

um obviously getting tim schutzler who

in my mind was

just on par of being the second overall

pick i and multiple

um and breaking down the two players in

separate videos i did

i made good arguments for both and i was

really leaning more towards stuart's law

especially over what he's done this past

year just as good as byfield was going

to be

and they aren't the same player by any

means student between his skating how

bigger size he plays given his current


his just his play making abilities

superb he can go in the offensive zone

in the dot and just make defenseman look

foolish on like a two on one

or whatever like he just he's ridiculous

he might be a little easy to get knocked

off the puck at times but

he reminds me of very kappa kako ask

when he's in the dot and behind the net

just in the way that he presents himself


he's just so exciting for me he's so

poised so mature

had was almost a point per game i think

he had um 34 points in 41 games and dell

in um this past year and he obviously

broke the record there for most points

per game by 18 year old at like 0.81

percent so

he drastically uh climbed all his way up

from being

arguably not even in the first round to

being a top three pick for the sends

and he's a guy who i fully expect to

make the roster next year um i know that

he's currently dealing with his injury

because i believe he had hand surgery

armor hand i think they kept getting

that confused but nonetheless he should

hopefully be good to go for next season

we'll see what the timetable is there


it's usually i'm so excited about and

we'll touch on him and then jake

sanderson at five

um sanderson is the best defensively my

defenseman in my opinion now this whole

draft class

drysdale you can make the argument is

the better all-around defenseman between

the two but sanderson has just that

whole package

they really make the league as soon as

next year he won't because he did commit

to college so he will probably be away

for at least two years i would say

um but he is a guy that is just going to

eat those minutes right away and is

going to help greatly

what a lot of these other defensive

prospects that are more puck movers you

know sanderson doesn't need to worry

about bringing up the rush or anything

like that

he can stand back and if he contributes

offensively then great but that is by no

means what his

objective will be you know in my mind he

reminds me of ryan graves in the sense

for the avalanche where

he's that big body defenseman can just

sit back and let the guy do his right

whether that will be branstrom or

possibly shabbat if he plays

off whatever it may be and the other

guys in this prospect pool so

i i was really happy with those two

picks i i was upset to see marco rossi

be passed on by ottawa

i really want to see that happen i'm

sure maybe you fell a similar way

but a defenseman was expected so what

were your thoughts come draft night

well no surprise on student the number

three pick was probably the easiest pick

in the entire draft because

like you said between student and


was an argument for both to be number

two like this doesn't mean they're the

same kind of player obviously like i

said but

uh very different in a sense but they

both had so many good attributes and

they both

really to me stuck out above the rest of

the draft class like you had

one tier of lafraniere then you had the

two three tier of

those two players and then you know the

rest were a step down so

really i think they had the easiest pick

they had to sit back and say

who does la take we're taking the other

so at the end of the day i would have

been quite happy with either

both of them have potential to be a

number one center i mean

i feel that more than likely 99 is going

to be a center where stu

has that potential to be a winger but

even if he is i mean he's even drawn

some comparisons to a guy like patrick


uh with his uh you know offensive

abilities and like how he skates and

his stick handling and all that like you

know he has that potential he could have

because a lot of guys like kane don't

always there's not a lot of players that

play the wing but have the impact that

he has and he has that potential so

to me it doesn't matter where he slots

he's gonna be a game breaker

uh game changer in ottawa so i i was

thrilled with that pick i just

when when they announced by field up two

i was like just don't screw it up

you know you know what i mean i didn't

want to see some off the wall thing like

we saw with columbus you know i was like

yeah like like just don't just don't do

it wrong and

take them um and at five with sanderson

i'm happy with the pick again i think

he's a player that they don't have a lot

of so there's a unique

uh kind of opportunity to grab a stud


uh who we can really like you said he's

gonna be a couple years out i know he's

gonna play at least one

probably two years of college hockey uh

we'll see how that goes

uh obviously where he's gonna be playing

they have other prospects there too so

they can kind of keep an eye on a lot of


at one time which they seem to be fond

of they don't have a huge scouting staff


they kind of keep a leaner uh management

group and scouting staff so like

obviously they can kind of

you know keep an eye on players they

seem to be fond of that they they kind


have certain parts that they kind of

always draft from which is kind of weird

but they've been able to get a lot of

good players so exactly if i'm wrong

but aren't the other two players shane

pinto and um

and um bernard yep yeah that's awesome

like that that's that's a fun team

waiting to happen as soon as next year

so oh yeah that's gonna be a fun team

for sure and like i said like you know

and pinto is another guy like he

wasn't a first rounder but you know yes

second round another kind of

like he looked like last year in the

world juniors like he was phenomenal so

like i'm

not again another american-born player

like they love the us players and but

you know what so do i right now because

a lot of them have been phenomenal so

as far as anderson goes back to him

though like he i i was torn because i

i knew that from what i had heard there

was a real strong potential

he was going to be that pick and i was

trying to wrap my head around

liking it because i knew whether i liked

it or not it was probably going to

happen but secondly like

he's a player that they don't have uh

really like in a true sense i mean

bernard docker could be a similar type

defenseman but

you know like they really could use that

makes sense to grab a forward and a d

but there's just so many good center

iceman and as much as we look at the

guys we've already talked about for

center prospects

they do have a lot of them but outside

of student at this point because he's

brand new and hasn't really

you know had a chance to come in and

show at that level at least what he can


i'm not convinced any of them are true

1c you know so like

you know to grab another guy like a

rossi i would have been phenomenal like

i thought they could have

they really solidified their one two

down the middle uh for the next

10 to 15 years and yeah sanderson's a

great defenseman but

i i was kind of leaning more towards

saying you know

take student or byfield whoever's there

and then rossi

at five but it didn't happen i was

surprised to see rossi slide down to

where he did

so was i it really it really

flabbergasted me like i was live

streaming as that happened and

i had the anticipation that if it would

it would be mainly because of his size

being only like five foot nine

and you know we still live in a day and

age where uh scouts have a tendency to

really overlook

one uh one's production based off their

size you know i don't know how many

examples of

the brilliant points of the brinkets of

the world for example that we need in

order to

really show cause rosie's amazing um but

yeah no i completely agree uh rosie

would made a lot of sense just to stay

in ottawa too it just seemed like a

perfect tight fit type

thing but i i understand where ottawa

was coming from at the end of the day

because now

bringing his student who is a centerman

but can play the wayne obviously

um he has more flexibility there but

when you look at

some of the biggest name prospects for

the centers outside of them as it is

they're all centermen for the most part

or they're flexible and can play the


so you have a lot of these guys that are

probably going to adjust their game

in hopes that they are say in this sense

lineup over these next

five plus years that they very well

could be playing a win which is

something that they weren't fully

accustomed to in junior

so that that is a thing where it's like

an embarrassment of richard's

rich uh riches just having so many

ceremony as it is

but again i thought they had a very

strong wrapping and murray i thought was

really strong on their part

and i really like their pick to um their

second round pick in roby on your ventia

he was a very interesting one uh i don't

think a lot of people expected him there

given there was other guys available

because i don't think

trying to think i don't believe gundler

was taken yet i know me wasn't

taken yet there were a lot of

forwards still available but he is a

power forward playing in liga and

is another guy who is just going to

really help round out

this core group for the future as

they're in this full rebuild you know

like as a rangers fan i can tell you

they focused a lot on grit and really

trying to add guys that they know are

going to help round out

for the more skilled players in the

lineup not that roby isn't skilled he is

yet he has eight points in 10 games so

far in liga this year

but nonetheless he brings a different

element to this ottawa center's team

that is really i think just going to

help balance out

what say brady could chuck for instance

and a couple others because

yes the cens do have some bigger body

guys as of now but just because they're

bigger body doesn't mean that they

necessarily play

that type of power forward game so i

thought brain hemon was very strong as

well right in that second round

and then if you add that on this ottawa

senator's prosper pool was already

arguably the best in the entire nhl if

not top three

now you bring those guys in i i i feel

very hard pressed to suggest otherwise


what really separates them from the rest

in my opinion not least is

kind of what we touched on just the

amount of high-end talent they have you

know they like i said they have 10

first-round picks

that are either currently in the lab or

on the verge or going to be in the lab

over these next couple years

and then if you look at these other guys

too you know batherson a later on pick

for example

and some other guys as well like there's

just so much reasons to be excited

and again this ottawa center's rebuild

didn't necessarily look like it was

great when it first started

um i left myself scratching my head in

that era carlson trade but looking back

that has worked beautifully

it's just crazy how things change in

just a short period of time like that

um and brain and josh norris obviously

he was just going to be huge for ottawa

brings another element as well he's only

21 years old here i'll go down the list

quick just so you can get an idea

because you probably know this but just

the amount of youth

currently in this lineup and going

forward you we start with colin white

he's only 23 years old still

can play both the center and the wing

you have josh norris another first round

pick back in 2019 by the um

san jose sharks um centerman

had over point per game in the ahl as

did so many guys over this past year

playing the hl like their first year for

the uh for the centers that was

ridiculous he had 61 points

and um then you have brady chuck

obviously he's only 21 sky's the limit

for him

uh can play both center in the wing um

but he normally

does play the win more by if i do recall

um and then you get a guys like logan

brown obviously he's only 22 years old

but he

very well could be a proven year for him

um had 28 points in 25 games in the ahl

last year's playing time so

he's still a point per game as to many

guys are that are just too good to be in

the ahl

but are trying to make that next jump to

being a consistent nhl player

then you have bathurstin who again i'm

ecstatic for 54 points and 44 games in

the ahl fourth round pick

only 22 years years of age another

center winner

um then you get to rudolph balsa who's a

more interesting prospect i'm curious

what you think his potential will be

at the nhl level had uh it's only 23

years old

fifth round pick in 2015 and he had 36

points in 33 games he was originally

drafted by the um

sharks obviously part of that trade and

then shabbat he's only 23 years old

then you get to um abram um am i saying

his name right abramov

abram yeah i mean that there seems to be

different people

i usually say abramov but i don't know


he's another one did if if i do recall

correctly did he come

in the trade with desingle uh yeah he

was from

columbus drop back yeah okay and he had

41 points in 51 games last year in the


then you have lassie thompson who's a

very interesting prospect one of the

more coveted ones for ottawa

on that defense right-hand defenseman

currently playing in liga

just drafted last year in the first

round he's 20 years old

he's going to be very interesting to see

when he makes the nhl

sooner rather than later branstrom

obviously i it feels like he's been

around for a while now

which to an extent he has but he's still

only 21 years old

drafting the first round as you

mentioned 23 points in 27 games

with in the ahl and then you get to um

leijo am i saying his name right how do

you say it lahoy

which one's that um the defenseman right

hand defenseman

it's i don't know how to pronounce his

last name properly it's l-a-j-o-i-e

i'm probably saying oh sorry that's la

jolla le joy

see i was butchering it that's the way

he said it was like what

yeah yeah he he's an interesting one as

a fifth round pick as well

he had a decent he has he had a strong

year in the hl with just under 20 points


and 50 games roughly and then pinto

obviously 28 points at 33 games

playing for north dakota uh only only 19

years old

pinto i'm really excited for especially

and then you have

um kevin um mandolis the goaltender

playing in the qmjhl who won the


goaltending of the year award for them

which is a guy who i don't think many

expected to have the kind of progression

that he's had over this past year

you know six round pick in 2018 only 20

years old um

very strong numbers and then you get to

a very interesting winner as well and

alex formington

all right he's one who i think is going

to bring a great element to this

senator's lap over these next couple


53 points in 61 games in his debut year

in the ahl

second round pick only 21 years of age

and then obviously bernard docker

25 points in 32 games playing north

dakota as well

only 20 years old you know when you just

list that all off you can go

hours and hours on end just talking

about these guys it just it is truly

baffling to me

how well this rebuild has fully rounded

out and it's not even done yet obviously

but i i think it's safe to say that

their future is just unbelievably bright

oh absolutely like you know just look

how long it took you to list all those

exactly i'm out of breath

a lot of teams you would have been done

like you know like a couple you haven't

usually have two or three players

like even like i usually do a top a

prospect series every off season looking


between five and ten and there there are

teams that i struggle to get ten

there are teams i struggle to get five

that are really players that i feel

i'll honestly have a chance but like you

know in this case there's like you can

make a whole new team

and that's assuming of course that they

all make it which you know they won't

unfortunately but

you know like like there's certainly a

few that i expect to take steps this


um but like you out of all the ones you

mentioned that are not already

uh getting more of an opportunity in

ottawa but he did touch upon

was jake batherson is by far my favorite


amongst the guys that didn't get as much

of an opportunity last year

he's a player who is a prime example of


don't give up just because you didn't

make that triple a team at age 15 or 16

you're going or you can't get into the

junior or well in canada at least like

if you can't get into the qmjhl or ohl

or whl or

whatever like when soon as you're

eligible stick with it like he was

passed over he was drafted late he got

into junior hockey

late uh you know he was a late uh


and once he finally got into uh junior

at an

older age and then he took off and then

the senators were able to grab him

where they did in the draft because he

was the late blower and he was older so

a lot of teams don't give that as much

stock because you see

the flag yeah like for most a lot of

players like

if you're getting close to aging on a

junior you should be dominating and that

doesn't mean you're going to translate

into an nhl player because you're

playing against guys two or three years

younger and you know

you should be putting up better numbers

so it can be deceiving but

it also helped too that his uncle denny


uh was a former member of the audubon

senators way back in their early days or

their second you know incarnation when

he came back to the nhl

in the early 90s so there was some

familiar family history there

as well um and he's a player that i've

had a chance to see play live a little


uh playing where i live i get i'm close

to uh because i live here in new

brunswick and we have some of our teams

that play in the qmjhl like the

saint john c dogs funko wildcats uh

academy bathurst and all that so like

i've seen him come through here and i

had a chance that we could even

play some or watch some playoff games

his last year

junior and uh just phenomenal kid like

he's got

huge size great hands uh i'm not sure

he's gonna be a setter even though he

could be

um i think he's gonna be more of a

winger at the nhl but still like

really astounding for him i think he

could be a solid 25 30 goal scoring


uh alex formington got all that speed

it's just a matter of his hands can

catch up to his feet

uh he kind of reminds me of the single

in a sense when he first was breaking

into the nhl

the guy would get tons of breakaways we

couldn't finish uh because he didn't

have that

card for me yeah like the hands

you know the feet could the motor was so

crazy but the hands couldn't catch up


you know and he seemed to be getting

better with that he had full year in ahl

i mean he came out of the london knights

program and the london knights put out a

lot of great players the hunter brothers

don't want to

find talent and you know develop talent

so obviously i'm excited about those two

they should have a more

does feel like he's been around for a

while but when they trade it

on mark stone which was a major bummer

for me mark stone's one of the top

10 players in the nhl in my opinion he's

so he's his

his transition game and just his overall

two-way game is just i'm president

oh it is it's really hard to do anything

but admire

it it really is and and to see him from

a sentence fan perspective to watch him

come up through the ranks and see how

much he grew and developed like the guy

could barely skate and get to the nhl

that was a big knock on him that's why

he was a late round pick his

skating was was really not great um but

he was a guy who

he didn't really skate like i guess like

didn't really have a traditional skating

stride but he knew how to it could he

he found a way for himself and he knew

where to go and how to get there and he

made it work and then

developed and worked with skating

coaches after he got a little older and

uh you know but branstrom to be in that

trade i think it had to be branch roof

he was going to vegas for me when i was

looking at that had to be

eric branson or cody glass and eric

branstrom still

and he's he's uh playing over in europe

and he's started off really strong here

uh for the current season that just

started over there uh i think he's

almost like a point per game player

close to it i believe so

he's a player i fully expect to be uh

along with shabbat the two

stud d on this team for a long time so

with what's already in

the roster in ottawa and some of the

even you only need a few of these guys

to really be real big big time players

like just the ones i mentioned a lot of

the other ones are

a lot of potential too like i really

like shane pinto he's another one could

be a second round steal

uh you know abram came over like sending

from columbus and that

uh the single trade or they made

multiple trades with columbus i'm not

sure if it was the sheen or the single

tree one of them too anyway

oh that's true yeah they i can't

remember which one was right i know do


i think declare was for the single

abramov could have been

anyways it doesn't matter i'm not sure

why they didn't just do one big trade


um anyway like you know i'm not

i'm not completely sold on him bolsters

another another piece that came from san


uh i think he has potential uh i don't

see him having a higher end potential i

think he'll be

more bottom six a bottom six guy but i

think he could be

somebody who plays a right you know a

regular full-time nhler

i mean and to look at that like i said

with that carlson trade when it first


my reaction to the return was that's it

yeah are you kidding like it was it was

very underwhelming

like it seemed like it really seemed

that way and

i was just i was like oh no like what

did you do

and you know and then now look at it and

it's like okay we got josh norris

i mean demelo didn't stick around which

is unfortunate i i really thought they

should have signed him but they have so


other guys who can come along through

the prospects and replace him which is

i guess probably why they let them go

but still they got norris demelo they

had tierney

they got picked and ended up being tim

steuslow who would have predicted that

san jose didn't i can assure you that

one oh

so like all of a sudden this is looking

looking pretty good and now they've got

eric carlson on that

mega big buck long-term contract that

they're probably going oh

no what do we do yeah they have many

contracts on that defense like that

oh yeah that's ridiculous yeah but uh

yeah no it's just i think we can agree

that when it comes to ottawa

what really separates themselves from

the rest when it comes to teams in

particular that i'm touching on

in this series with having the brightest

features in all the nhl

what separates them from the rest is

even though that student may

maybe one could argue isn't to the level

of say

other um grade a prospects that teams

have in the nhl like

a lafreniere for example there's no

doubting that he very well could be that

next huge face for ottawa

and for a very long time and then you

add him in this mix with what they have

already it just the youth

is ridiculous and it's just infectionist

it's an it's infectious the kind of

personalities that they have in this

locker room

and really just seem out of town you

know like i ottawa is in a place right

now where

they very well could be competing for

playoffs in just two years

um i won't be surprised if they hit

major strides just over this next year

having more stability in this offense

yes they're gonna have fillers over

these next couple years so

you know try not to get too hung up on

them when you're seeing you know say a

veteran come in

on defense per se or in that bottom six

you know these are still short-term

issues to deal with um but going


they have the potential to really have

all their key guys in this prospect pool

assuming most if not all blossom into

what they are projected to be or above

expectations ottawa is going to have a

team that very well could be

i i know this will be crazy to say but

possibly even a dynasty

they just need to put it all together

and they will really have homegrown


you know it's not like they're buying

their way into say becoming a

championship caliber team they're doing

it the right way

and again some walk definitely came in

their way um with

gaining some higher grade prospects

norris definitely being a notable one in

that trade

and then student like that's just

ridiculous when you look back at it now

but you add that in with everything else

that they currently have and they made

some strong picks in the third fourth

and fifth plus round

over these past five years so give

dorian credit on that front you know i


it's very easy to mock ottawa when it

comes to melnick obviously and just

their management overall

and um i know you could probably have

plenty to say about that but

i we can all agree that they have

definitely been taking steps in the

right direction and

i if there's one team that i'm worried

about over this next decade it's surely

going to be them

in that eastern conference it just it's

very hard to say otherwise i'm just

i'm unbelievably excited for what the

future holds for this team their future

is brighter

than every other team in the nhl if not


yeah this future is bright for sure i

mean like i said i could uh we could do

a whole other

uh video here talking about yeah eugene

mountain like but

uh we'll save him for another shine but

like at the end of the day like pier


is come from a scouting background

they've scouted well they've dropped it


and really like i said especially given

the limited resources and what they have

on staff

um it's amazing that they've been able

to do the job they've done but

even before when things were you know

still a little bit better back into

brian murray days before dorian was the


and he was just the assistant uh they've

always been a team that has drafted and

developed relatively well

the big issue and only concern for me

longer term uh

kind of looking back a little bit to the

ownership comment is

is his ability to uh on the financial

side of things to pay these players


once they come out of their entry level

deals and have them stick around because

they do have that kind of talent

that they very well should be competing

for playoffs you know probably not the

year coming but

two two to three years i would give it i

mean look at what we saw

with the new york rangers obviously a

team that you're fond of

we saw them do through a similar type of


tore it down they kept some veterans um

they're a team look look what they

accomplished this past season i mean

they're already now in a spot a couple

years removed

that they're competing for playoffs and

they're showing that they have an

extremely bright future as well

so the center's barrel could be an exact

same boat um in two

maybe three years time it depending on

how quickly these prospects do

um do develop and at the end of the day

one thing i can say for sure is going to

be a fun team to watch

lots of youth lots of talent whether or

not it all comes together i guess only

time will tell

but they're going to be there's a lot of

sense for optimism for the future

and there's a lot of sense that this

should be a very fun team to watch

because i know uh back especially in

2017 when they made their

big run to the eastern conference final

they were kind of

uh called you know the boring team they

were under ki boucher

and you know the the defensive first

style like

a lot i heard a lot of people in

different markets complain that they

hate it watching them because they're


like well it worked i mean they went far

and it's a proven strategy but they're

not going to be that kind of team

moving forward they're a whole different

style and they're going to be

uh you know an offense first but at

least they've remembered

that they need to have a blue line they

need to have a goalie

they need to have all aspects of the

team you see some teams go through

rebuilds like

you know like with the leaps for example

and they're just so focused on the

offensive forwards that they kind of

forgot that you need other aspects of

your team too and

like the ranger is like very built very

similar to to what the suns are doing

it's almost like they're trying to copy

them to a degree but i mean it says it's

recipe for success like

they've got a good mix all around up and

down their lineup on all three positions


your forwards your defense your goalies

all kinds of prospects there that are

going to potentially make this team

really fun and hopefully very successful

here in

the coming years yeah and before i let

you go because i know we're reaching an

hour here i just want to touch on quick


and when it comes to the comparison with

the rangers you know there's a lot of

fun things that add in this as well

because yes

both these teams they faced off in the

playoffs just a couple years ago and

then going to the next year everything

imploded for both of them

and then they found themselves both in a

rebuild now the ranger is obviously one

more of a

different direction and not a ritual but

one can argue that way just in the sense

of they did keep core

people in that roster they got rid of

virtually everyone but kris

kreider at this point since their last

cup run however just five six years ago

now so

it's baffling to see how much it's

changing that right but besides that

i think the main difference between the

two is while yes the rangers have an

unbelievably bright future and i'm

nothing true of ecstatic for it

they have also made some bigger moves

when it comes to bringing

established players or tammy parent

leading the way in that category


the rangers looked out with him wanting

to come to the big apple that was

something he was set in stone

and so really wasn't too difficult if i

had to imagine and say swaying him to

come the rangers

and then jacob trouba another situation

where things just soured with winnipeg

and because his girlfriend's situation

wanna come to us and all

and all those things factoring in so the

rangers definitely have added some

pieces into adam fox as well fox didn't

want to play with any other team but his

favorite team in the rangers i can't

blame him for that

so that's what he did but nonetheless

the rangers have walked out in those

aspects whereas ottawa

they haven't made those big moves in

free agency you know

danov yes he will be great but when it

comes to say really taking on a cappet

and bringing in veterans

help round out they haven't done that

and i don't really feel that they will

need to do that until they are surely a

contender and maybe if they're in a

situation where they're contending great

and they just want to add maybe a big

name guy that becomes available because

we all know there's going to be amazing

guys that become ufas over these next

couple years

um so that is something where they can

find themselves in a similar situation

the ranger isn't that right

but for the most part they are really


outside of obviously their draft picks

that they received in bigger trades

giving up guys like carlson

stone etc but that is really what

separates them in my mind from the

rangers and that's huge crops off to

them because

again i'm ecstatic but at the same time

ottawa is in perfect position right now


i don't think there's really anything to

complain about outside of the ownership

issue so

hats off to them again and um unless you

want to touch anything else i think

that'll conclude it for this video mike


thank you again so much for coming on it

means an absolute ton this was a lot of

fun we could have went hours

because again i don't really get a

chance to talk about much

um with everything that's going on

besides talking about their prospects

but this

this was a great time in between gal

chenick signing and just everything

aligning was happening

in the hockey world right now that's

really been a steal me as of late but

if you want to touch on any more things

and if you want to give your handles

where people can find you

by all means go ahead yeah for sure

certainly i think we've touched

on a lot and for the sake of time i mean

obviously we appreciate everybody tuning

in and sticking around if you're still

with us certainly thanks for

for enjoying this long drawn-out

conversation but lost the cover like you

said the sends of a bright future lots

to talk about

uh and the main difference between the

rangers i do agree with you 100

they did get i mean to a degree a little

bit lucky but at the same time they did

have to work for it and get those

players but

you know like i do see the sends uh not

needing to go down that road just yet


in a couple of years time when they're

ready uh obviously adding like that one

extra big piece to put them over the top

to be

more legit um probably would be

something that we'd see them do

uh obviously again thanks for having me

on it's been a lot of fun talking


like i said we can go for hours there's

so much to talk about when it comes to

the future

of this franchise and all these great

players uh it's hard to

you know the fact that we went this long

and there's still a lot of players we

never even

really barely touched on or barely got

mentioned but uh for anybody who's

newer and don't if you're not familiar

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that's the same thing you can look me up

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certainly hit me up there i'm not

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sometimes multiple times per day and

certainly if you're new to my channel or

two tyler's here certainly

consider checking us out we'll do our

best to keep you up to date up to speed


entertain here with everything nhl


awesome couldn't have said bear mic well

thank you again it means a lot

and i'll talk to you soon all right

thank you

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