Sky Brown 'lucky to be alive' after skateboard accident (USA/(UK)) - BBC News - 15th June 2020

now finally she is 11 years old she is

British Britain's number one female

skateboarder and she has told us that

she is lucky to be alive after a

horrific training accident last month

Skye Brown who is hoping to be at the

Olympics fell 15 feet was attempting a

hat-trick doctors say if she hadn't been

wearing a helmet she could have died

Skye and her dad who live in LA have

been speaking to our sports

correspondent Natalie perks what was

going through your mind even just

thinking about it makes me want to be

sick like it's it's terrifying I did

everything that you shouldn't do like I

ran up to her prepped it's just I love

you just wake up Skye wake up coz she

was just not responding and Skye I'm

guessing you don't remember any of this

so my mom crying right next to me like I

didn't want to go back she had another

lacerations liver laceration stomach


she broke her bones around her eye

socket and it's all ahead yeah and these

stupid these two fingers are actually

fractured how many was insane where's

the full face and how they're not in the

face I don't know we'd be having this

conversation the doctor that took her

it's that I can't believe how classy is

recovering and the only reason you can

think of is because she's very smiley

and happy when you saw that video why

did you think I'm gonna show people this

on social media

everything's like perfect you know

people think like maybe I'm Supergirl

if something is gonna show sometimes you

know you're gonna pull a now on it's

spread the message like it's a beautiful

sometimes you are gonna fall

get back up and keep on going kids you

know pulling this trigger like man that

can't stop us from doing what we love is

that your plan now for the next year

heading into Olympics just to push even

harder even stronger yeah just gonna go

and do whatever I can do nice to see her

smiling after all that right