Science of Sunsets - Why is the Sky Blue?


we've all noticed the sunrise and

sunsets and Steve can help us yeah

explain oh this is kind of fun over the

last two weeks I've even seen people on

the way home driving home pulled off to

the side of the road to get a picture

cuz they're gonna look at that orange

Sun that's not just a Bronco set well of

course that's part of the you know the

smoke that we have in the air and so

we're getting those really intense

oranges but it leads us to ask the

question so why is this uneven look like

that in the first place what are those

sunsets look like that something simple

to do at home fair enough so look at

this setup that we have here is just a

tank of water and I'm using the

flashlight here as our Sun so here's the

Sun that kind of goes through like this

okay got it

so this the light from the Sun really is

a combination of all the colors so if

you go back to your chemistry class or

your physics class you remember they

talked about ROYGBIV red orange yellow

green blue indigo violet so you have

that entire spectrum so you get to see

all the colors well it's not easy to see

here I took some of these prism glasses

these are not solar eclipse glasses this

is yeah yeah they do look like so but if

you take a look here you can kind of see

if I turn it this way just a little bit

here you can kind of see that rainbow up

here so the Sun has all those colors see

all the colors are there so the sudden

kind of has all of those colors so

coming through but when it goes through

the atmosphere it scatters the light so

watch this I just have a tank of water

right so I'm gonna put a little bit of

milk in there like this just a little

tiny bit like this this is just gonna be

the atmosphere so as soon as the the Sun

hits that atmosphere here's what happens

notice how the water started to turn

blue that's because that energy on the

on that end of the spectrum the green

and the indigo and the blue that

scatters more than that light scatters

more than the red orange and yellow so

it's sunset if you look over here on the

paper see that sunset that's over there

that orange well that's that red light

that doesn't scatter when it hits the

molecules in the atmosphere it doesn't

scatter and look blue like it looks here

you get that beautiful orange that's

here now if you add just a little bit

more smoke to the atmosphere like this

just the tiniest little bit and do we

really get to see what happens in the

atmosphere here look at how blue

you can actually see it here really

really blue see how it turns more yellow

and look at that orange that you get

there isn't that gorgeous

so those deep dark oranges that we get

there for the sunset really is because

that red light is continuing to go

through and so when we're sitting and

looking at a sunset we're looking

through a lot of atmosphere imagine

you're sitting over here and you're

looking directly at the the Sun kind of

setting of horizon or or during the

sunrise it's that red part of that

spectrum that goes all the way through

that atmosphere the blue scatters out

and so when those blue scatters out all

you have left is that red sitting there

with a white light is this similar with

the moon because we salute like Luna so

absolutely and so you're so to see

because of course the Sun is reflecting

the moon or the moon is like being his

son and you're getting to see that but I

think it's just a gorgeous way to be

able to see it and to be able to explain

what that sunset really really looks

like and especially when you scatter it

here with just a little bit of milk

these are those simple kinds of things

yeah kids go so why is the sky blue you

can see parents going all right in

between the halftime thing I'm gonna get

the thing out we're gonna get a little

isolated because I just tell everybody

at home not too much milk notice I put

just a little bit right in and you get

kind of the really the coolest kind of

sense that there you could ever imagine

because of that red light going through

the atmosphere the opportunity exists

all the time she always nerdfest over

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