Dr. Oz: How Can I Help My Rough and Bumpy Skin?


help you with harmless but stubborn and

annoying condition of rough and bumpy

skin whether you refer to it as chicken

skin or sandpaper skin this condition

can affect your confidence a lot of you

been complaining about it so I brought

in board-certified dermatologist dr.

Elizabeth tansy who is here on behalf of

my trusted sponsor partner new syringe

to help us out how people understand

what causes this rough and bumpy skin so

dr. oz rough and bumpy scheme can be

very stubborn and very annoying for a

lot of people but it can be treated

so sometimes rough and bumpy skin is

caused just by dry skin but other times

it's caused by a buildup of a protein

called keratin right at the hair

follicle so a tip to try to treat the

condition is to gently exfoliate to

improve the look of the bumps but then

moisturize the skin to alleviate some

dryness now here's the key you want to

look for something called urea urea is a

natural component in the skin and it has

the ability to do both it can find and

hold on to water to moisturize the skin

as well as gently and naturally

exfoliate it at the same time so since

you were asking about it I made a little

demonstration paper but it's danced on

over here I bought the version of rough

and bumpy skin to show you how it can be

treated would you get this you'll never

forget it again so this is your rough

and bumpy skin all right and used to be

clear the keratin that contains just

broke off closes over these old hair

follicles so it causes these little

bumps so what you need to do is to take

the right kind of cream then when you

put it on the skin will ease these areas

a bumpiness

and experts say this is why urea works

on the skin right so it's both

exfoliates allowing the hair follicles

open but it also moisturizes so you end

up with skin that sort of looks like

this I mean I hope you can all

appreciate this there's a pretty

significant difference that occurs so

what are you resting oh sorry it does

both at the same time I do it right you

did it right like an impression of

dermatologist it means a lot to me

surgeons are often disdained by

dermatologists so if there's subtlety to

the skin we don't often get cuz we just

cut through the skin usually you

understand how to heal it so where do

you recommend to treat the rough and

bumpy skin to so many folks are


so for rough and bumpy skin I recommend

a urea enriched formulation because

that's going to not only help support

the skin moisture barrier but it's also

gonna gently exfoliate at the same time

what I like a lot is you sauron's

roughness relief lotion because not only

does it treat the dryness in the

roughness but it's also has a nice light

feel on the skin even though it's

moisturizing all day long so but for

those areas may be a little trouble

spots so specific spots of thicker scaly

skin like elbows knees heels you can use

the roughness relief spot treatment

because that's concentrated it's got

three times the urea as does the lotion

so you can really show some extra

attention on those areas you're a busy

practice how often do you have patients

come to you complaining about rough and

bumpy skin or haven't you even notice it

when they may not picked up on it yet

it's actually really common up to about

40% of adults can have rough and bumpy

40% and 80% of adolescents and sometimes

we see it running in families so dr.

Tyson of joints that Ussuri conducted

this wonderful survey about their newest

innovation for rough and bumpy skin and

we put the data up here but I want you

if you can to walk through it for the

audience that number just gave me 40

percent it blows me away these things

are pretty important as well yeah we see

it a lot in the office and they and you

shouldn't did a survey of a thousand a

thousand people with rough and bumpy

skin and what they found was some very

interesting findings so first off 41

percent of those people that were

surveyed with rough and bumpy skin steer

clear of sleeveless clothing when

they're having their rough and bumpy

skin so it is changing what they're

doing on a day to day basis also we'll

see then this this floored me nearly

half of those patients surveyed with

rough and bumpy skin would actually

sacrifice junk food to eliminate their

condition I mean they hate it so much

they would just stop junk food if they

could how many of you in that group

powerful isn't it I can't get you to

stop eating junk food rough and bumpy

skin will do it's pretty powerful

people will give up junk food but the

bottom line is that a third of those

people that were surveyed with rough and

bumpy skin to feel frustrated and lack

self-confidence and again that's that's

gonna affect their lives on a day to day

basis so it's actually something that we

see in the office and we talk about all

the time so bring it home I want two of

my viewers who have wrought the bumpy

skin doctors test the products out for a

few weeks you're both here thank you

both for being high so families just

start us off she started you again he

shows up this relief lotion and before

you used it by the way I have a picture

of your skin if you don't mind I'm gonna

show us everybody you described but you

felt like actually so there's the

picture which we've all noticed many of

us in the mirror yeah and how did you

feel when your skin looked like this I

was always very insecure about my skin

even growing up as a kid and I went to

go see doctors and they could never

really pay any attention to it they just

kind of dismissed it because it wasn't

life-threatening or contagious so I

would exfoliate but the bumps would just

come back we've tried other types of

creams that would either leave like a

dark film like a chalky film or it would

sting so much my daughter would try the

lotion too and she wouldn't use it

because it would sting so she'd washed

it off so we could never find something

that worked for both of us so you'd be

using the Eucerin rough this relief

lotion yeah how long's user for about

two two and a half weeks and can you

show us a picture of it you got what I

think yes I think you guys have a after

shot before and here's an after

you should rough this really close you

seem to help it did it did for myself

definitely gain more confidence with

showing my arms my daughter two people

would stop her and say what's wrong are

you cold it's hot outside so she would

use it too and she was ok with it

because it didn't sting she wasn't

trying to wash it off and it worked very

well for both of us are you happy with

your arms yes there's so much softer and

people don't stop me asking me if I'm

cold or if something's wrong with me

they don't think it's just much softer

and nicer to touch was it hard to admit

that your mother was right it's hard to

take advice from your mom and doing it

officially where they have a point yeah

you'll get used to it happens more and

more as you get older you'll realize the

wisdom is there it sneaks up on you and

they used you shouldn't up this from

each spot treatment yes that was really

great great for like my feet or my

elbows my forearms or my hands I would

even use it and it was also really good

for like um when I went away for a

weekend instead of taking the big bottle

just take the spot relief is well -

that's okay you have a picture of your

skin as well before you started using

the product here you get its get the

rough and bumpy appearance how did that

affect your confidence um definitely

affected in a negative way

I would always compare myself to other

kids and you know even growing up I've

had it since I was a child to compare

myself to other kids and I would say

what's wrong with me you know and now

you've been using the product a couple

weeks as well right and your skin looks

like this there's a before and after for

everybody at home to look at I mean

how do you feel about that change good

the more I use it the more I see a

difference and I'm gonna keep using it

it helped me don't keep the primary

Sophia aren't the only ones with rough

and bumpy skin we're also gonna be

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mean can't stop there

get this audience and when they get

engaged in something we know 40% of them

have this issue maybe more if they're

young because the main they are what do

you think about them I think they would

like it a lot up to the closer it used

to roughness to these spa treatment

enjoy it

we'll be right back