Review: 'The Sitter' is 'really, really bad'

if to smell pretty die like to what ah

oh my god you got it right like that how

did you do that you just be my carpet

you spray perfume on oh this is a clip

from the new movie The Sitter starring

jonah hill so let's bring in mr.

Moviefone to get his take on that and

other movies out this weekend as I'm

watching this at first you're like oh

this might be a cute family member but

the movie but then I looked down and

rated R so this isn't the adventures in

babysitting is it no this isn't the

pacifier or something like that it is

Jonah Hill as a babysitter but he's a

bad babysitter a very very bad

babysitter and he's he's foul mouth and

he's really he's a lovable loser is what

he is he's living at home with mom mom

wants to go on a date so she asked him

to babysit the neighbors kids because

she was supposed to do it and he decides

to take them on a night out and that's

sort of when all you know what breaks

loose here's the deal I like Jonah Hill

I think he's funny he already had a good

movie this year with Moneyball he

doesn't get to have to this uh this

movie is really really bad it's the

script is bad the production value is

bad apparently it's really really funny

when young kids say really foul things I

don't think so I don't think that makes

a movie so we're taking a pass on the

sitter we are he's fired as far as we're

concerned and he always seems to play

the same character doesn't he / or not

he does and sorry but he's really thin

now like he always was the fat guy plant

making fat jokes and now he's really

thin so it'll be interesting to see what

he does now ok next movie and I've seen

a lot of premieres and pictures from it

New Year's Eve which reminds me of

valentine's day when I look at it do you

remember Valentine's Day the moving

there was it had a whole bunch of

celebrities in it so does New Year's

either yeah this is the this is the same

movie they took the same movie and they

put a new title on well maybe they

didn't do that but it is from gary

marshall and the maker of valentine's

day except this is centered around New

Year's Eve and you have a ton of stars

all of these intersecting storylines I

mean the cast includes Robert De Niro

halle berry Michelle Pfeiffer Josh

Duhamel Sarah

Jessica Parker Hilary Swank Katherine

Heigl jon bon jovi Ashton Kutcher and so

many more I wanted to read that to get

them all in but I can't even do how

here's the here's the thing Robin if

this is New Year's Eve I'm gonna go with

the Mayans and the end of days oh no is

that bad come on how could be bad with

all these great stars oh it can not only

be that bad it's worse than that bad and

because they don't give the stars

anything to do they just sort of show up

for a few minutes and there are all

these stories that sort of go nowhere

I'm telling you they're stealing your

money if you go buy a ticket to see New

Year's Eve go rent Valentine's Day for a

buck out of the red box machine and

you'll be saving yourself some cash do

you have any recommendations for what we

should see since apparently the two new

movies hope you're not a big fan of I do

I don't want to bring people totally

down yes you should go see Hugo in 3d

because it's awesome if you haven't seen

that yet I like the Muppet I like Arthur

Christmas The Descendants in limited

release is awesome we talked about some

of the limited releases last week so

yeah you can find good movies in

theaters and I'm sure you haven't seen

all of these that I've just mentioned so

Hugo Muppets all of those movies you're

going to just love so maybe you pass on

the big releases this weekend ok then

let everyone else stand in line right

all right appreciate it yeah thank you

thanks Rob